White, painless discharge in penis
by palacerunner, Mar 16, 2007
For three months now, I've been finding a discharge at the tip of my penis. At first, there'd be stains in my underwear, and as time passed: I'd have to milk it to look for discharge. It was white, thick, and odourless.
I didn't experience any pain in urination whatsoever.
I checked it up with three doctors, and none of them (after urethral swab tests or urinanalysis) found any chlamidya, gonhorrea--but there definitely was an infection, since the white blood cell count was quite high at first (15, later decreased to 3 by last month). The urethral swab test showed that there was a heavy growth of a streptococcous bacteria in there. The doctor told me that it was nothing ot be worried about.

They gave me antibiotics and told me not to worry about it.

The discharge cleared eventually.

Things had subsided until yesterday when I found yellow stains in my underwear and thick white discharge in my penis. It was as bad as it first was, and now, there's a vague itching sensation in my urethra (I don't know whether its my mind playing tricks on me or something worht being worried about).

The thing that gets me is that I haven't had any sexual contact for three full years. So, I know that it can't be a SEXUALLY transmitted disease. WHat else could it be?
In both instances of these incidences: I remember having worn tight underwear for long stretchs of time (the first being a six-hour flight, and the second being when I fell asleep).

What is it? What should I do about it? Should I be worried?

Appreciate any help. Thanks!
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by crookedletta, Aug 13, 2008
How long did it take you to clear the infection? I have the same exact problem now:( I have been throuh three different types of medicine and no luck. I have an appointment in two weeks so they can place a camera in my urethra:(
by fuzzyfeelers, Aug 13, 2008
by crookedletta, Aug 13, 2008
They just told me it was in inflamation of my urethra but that I also had some kind of bacterial infection. No not yeast though...
by minimilf, Sep 15, 2008
I have this too!

I havent had sex in over a year now and suddenly 3 months back, this started happening. I had a cold and a real bad cough, and the doctor gave me ammoxocilin for it. Then, about a week later, this started. There is no pain, nothing. Just every few days, a small thick discharge. Im worried coz the doctor doesnt know what it is, it cant be an STD and im worried the next girl who sees down there will think i have Gonorrhea when i dont!

Any advice?!
by CAUSE420dude, Jan 28, 2009
Ive had kinda of the same issue...  Sometimes after urinating i get a small, thick, painless, Whitish- yellowish discharge.  I also get the sensation that im not finished passing the urine.  Also sometimes there is a very slight burn after urinating or right before, it does not last long.  I was wondering if YALL get these big, red, firm, and knotty like bumps on your thighs?  Ive seen a doctor about em' and he said that it was a bacterial infection, either strepp or staph.  I was wondering if those bumps and the discharge after passing urine was related?
by LJRunner, Jun 11, 2009
What was the answer????
by mudgen, Jun 12, 2009
perhaps you have seen my other posts...

I have the same issue for 4 months now. no pain no itch no odor no rash nothing....i have not had sex since january cause i was afraid to infect someone but my std tests came back clean and i am all good on that. the urine tests and culture came back negative on everything. the clinic says i need to sere a urologist now. which is mad expensive and is this what he will tell me too?? that it is nothing. i have this little drip not much every time i go to the bathroom i have to milk it but i know it is there....it is really annoying cause i want to know what is wrong with me. ya know? they suggested my prostate... i have no clue..If you guys have made any progress with this please let me knwo and i will do the same. ty
by Ken828, Sep 27, 2009
I am 26 years old and the last time I had sex was about 2 months ago but is that too long ago for to even consider it as an STD.  I just noticed this white discharge today actually. There is this slight almost burning sensation when I urinate but it is not very bad. It is freaking me out. I see my girlfriend at the end of October. Do you think this issue can be resolved by then. This *****.
by woodz864, Sep 28, 2009
Have these questions been answered?? If so how do I see the answers? Please help Im new here and Im having the white-yellowish painless discharge, a slight itch inside(very occasional), and discomfort during urination. WHAT IS THIS??? PLEASE HELP!!!!