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Yellow globule like particles in urine
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Yellow globule like particles in urine

I experienced an episode of gross initial hematuria 8 weeks ago and then again 5 weeks ago. Since then there's been no visable blood in my urine and daily dipstick testing has confirmed this....Except when once or twice a week, upon my second voiding of the day, a tiny yellowish/clear blob appears in the bottom of the cup.
Yes....i've been urinating into a cup ever since the second episode of gross hematuria (whenever possible) ...........I realize this is a bit obsessive, but I'm one of those people who an analizes the heck out of everything.
When the glob appears and I dipstick test the urine, sometimes 1 blue dot will appear, sometimes nothing.
I talked to Bayer, the manufacturer of the dipstick and they said that Myoglobin could cause a similar reaction on the dipstick.
Anyone out there have any idea what these blobs/globs could be??
I've searched until I'm blue in the face and can't find anything that remotely could explain what this stuff is.
I've already been to a urologist and am scheduled to go in next week for a full battery of tests to rule out anything serious, but in the meantime these globs have got me worried sick.
Could a blood clot look like what I've described?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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You are going the proper route in seeing your urologist. Any blood in the urine or just dripping from your penis needs to be evaluated. As to the yellow globs, I, too, do not have an answer. Save some and take this specmen  with you to the urologist. Maybe the lab can give you an answer. Myoglobin would just darken your urine and distribute itself evenly throughout your urine. No globules. Could this be mucous from something manufacturing this in your blader or prostate? You'll have to wait for that appointment to find out.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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