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blood in urine after sex
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blood in urine after sex

Hi. I just got back from a trip in which I abstained from sex for 2 months. However, when I got back, my girlfriend and I had sex (very vigorously) and after we were done, a small drip of blood came out of my bloodstream. It happened a few days later when we had sex again.

It does not show up when we're not having sex, but only immediately after. Can this be a type of infection? Why does it only show up after sex?

Any responses are greatly appreciated.
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Avatar n tn
Dear Anakalababu,

Blood in the urine (heamaturia) can be caused by many things. A few things i'd like to know:

how old are you?
What is your profession?
How long ago has this happened?
How long after you got back from holiday?
Where did you go on holiday?
Do you smoke?
Did you do any vigorous activity that could have injured your kidneys before the first incident?
Do you have any pain anywhere?
Have you had any fever recently?
Has this ever happened before?
What is your ethnicity?
Do you have any medical conditions?
I assume your a guy?!
You say you abstained from sex- you do anything else?

Please reply with a list of corresponding answers to save time!

Many things can cause this but some are serious and you should see a doctor to rule out any nasties

All the best

Dr Zoidberg
Avatar n tn
Ok, I will answer as much as I can:

I am 27
I sell insurance
This happened twice - 4 days ago and 2 days ago
It happened about a day after I got back from vacation
I went to Florida
I do not smoke
I didn't do anything out of the ordinary which would have injured my kidneys
I have absolutely no pain anywhere at all
No fever
This has never happened before
I am Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese
I have no medical conditions
Yes, I am a guy
No, I don't do anything else.

To be even more specific, I work out nearly every day. I have been doing so since college. I weigh 178. I am 5'7". I do not now, nor have I ever, done any drugs of any kind. Yes, I do drink alcohol, but that's mainly a beer or two here and there. Not even on an everyday type of thing. And as far as this problem happening....it has only happened twice. Literally, only after we were done the first time, I went to use the bathroom and only a small drop (what actually looked like skin) came out of my urethra. No pain came of this. And the entire stream of urine wasn't lined with blood. It's just that it had that first blood thingy in the beginning and that's it.

The second time it happened, it was a DROP of blood, again without pain, and the rest of the 'pee session' seemed fine. I am usually well hydrated, so my urine isn't yellow.

But again, both times it has happened, it has happened immediately following sex. Obviously, I had to go to the bathroom more than twice in the past 4 days, so I just find it odd that it's deciding to have a drop of blood only during those times.

Thank you for your response. It is appreciated.
Avatar dr f tn

This may be a prostate problem. Also, you have noted that this has been noted after vigorous sexual activity. You may have injured the urethral or the penile shaft. Is there any pain associated with urination? Do you still achieve and maintain an erection?

I suggest that you have this assessed by a urologist. The bleeding is noted only after sex which may suggest a urethral or prostatic problem. A scrotal ultrasound, urinalysis and ultrasound of the penile shaft may also help assess involvement of other structures. Refrain from sexual activity. I do not think this is an infection. Infections may present with a discharge but not overt bleeding immediately after sex.
Avatar n tn

There is no pain before, during, or after urination. I am able to maintain my erection. Ok, I will refrain from sexual activity until I can get this checked out. But quick question. Even if the blood that is in my urinal stream is but a single drop? Could that be either a urethral or prostatic problem? Is it likely that the problem is anything else?
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