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blood in urine and small dose aspirin
Prostate Biopsies in Oct. 2003... no problem ( done because of a change in velocity of my psa results)

Dec. 2005...Gross Hematuria.. after outdoor activity
..... stopped my daily 81mg Aspirin soon after ( had been taking , since 2004, upon recommendations to prevent stroke)... bleeding stopped soon afterwards.

.... a ultrasound of kidneys.. showed a 5mm non- obstructive upper pole stone in the right kidney
... never had any pain or anything else

... Later on....had urine tested at hospital and also had a cystoscopy done.. no problem... bladder ok
.... bleeding stopped ... the hospital also x-rayed my kidneys.. all clear

after.... I continued on asprin for the next 2 years.. as usual.... never any problems...

Dec 18, 2007...  Again... gross hematuria.... possibly a little while after ( hours ?) ejaculation
... (am also taking Flomax, to ease urination)... absolutely no discomfort associated with the bleeding

.... ** This time i did not stop the aspirin soon on, as in 2005

...Bleeding came and went

**by Dec 28th... had a blood clot pass in mid-stream, when urinating

** finally... by Jan 3rd  2008... I decided to stop the aspirin
...NO MORE bleeding untill Jan 7th

.. that morning , I decided to take my Aspirin again at 7am
.. at noon... I had clear urine

... at 4 pm... I had quite a bit of blood in the urine and a small red clot passed.


Last week , when I told my Urology office about my problem and that I was stopping the aspirin for a while..... they said
.. if you restart it again ... and see blood again... call and the doctor would put me in for another cystoscopy.

........... that is where things stand now

** I never have pain , or other discomforts... do have a bit of benign enlarged prostate... only get up once a night to urinate... I am 65 years old ... thin, and usually very active... lots of dog walking and being outside doing nature photography and hiking a bit

...I am puzzled with my condition... since I have been on Aspirin for 3 years... and just went 2 full years with no bleeding, nor discomfort

** personnaly i wonder if straining myself... by holding back on ejaculation plus the enlarged prostate... could have caused a tear or irritation in some duct... which reacts badly with the thinning effect of aspirin

Thanks,   Chuck.

P.S.  I regularly take my dosages of Flomax, 20mg Lipitor, 5 mg Altace (ace inhibitor ) and multi- vitamins.

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