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burning urethra, some pain, negative urine test
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burning urethra, some pain, negative urine test

my last sexual contact was 5 months ago, oral sex from a woman.  then, on october 24 (13 days ago), i was walking back to my apartment drunk at 3am, blacked out, and then woke up at 10am having vomited a lot over my bed.  in the bathroom clearly i had had diarrhea, even a little bit in the bed.
3 days after that night i started having burning in my penis (urethra) and a bit in the testicles, and some pain near the tip.  
i had a urine test day 4 for the common bacteria (gonorrhea et al, but NOT chlamydia or mycropl) and on day 7 it was negative.  

day 9 I saw a urologist, digital rectal exam (no pain for me there).  ultrasound--everything looked normal.  a couple TINY stones in one kidney but not a problem.  Got a probiotic to help digestion (2x/day)

my antibiotics:
day 7-9 - 3 days of cipro 500mg, 2x/day
day 10-12 - 3 days of Prixar (levofloxacina), 500 mg 2x/day
day 13-15 - 3 days of Unidrox (prulifloxacina), 600 mg 1x/day

today is day 13 after that bad night of drinking.  Summary of symptoms:
day 1-10 diarrhea, black, tar-like.  day 11-13 no diarrhea, brown but somewhat thin stools.  Getting better.
day 4-10 sore when i sit for more than an hour.  better now.
day 7-10 chills and little fever.  better now.
day 3-13 constant burning urethra, urge to pee, dull pain in genitalia.  Cran juice helps. It doesn’t burn WHILE I pee, and actually AFTER I pee it feels better.

no discharge at all.  tip of penis appears normal color.  
i ejaculated today (1st in 17dys) because i wanted to see if it 'worked'.  semen a little bit yellow but seems fine.
I sleep through the night, no peeing.
The past 13 days I have not had alcohol, caffeine, or dairy products and have eaten a diet of rice, toast, carrots, bananas, lots of water.
even if that 0.01% chance that I met someone after 3am that night, had sex with them, they left, and i dont remember ANY of it, can chlamydia symptoms show up on day 3 after the contact?  it's probably not that anyway. What could it be?  other tests?
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Your symptoms certainly do not fit in with any physical disease that I can think of. Certainly an emotional cause is high on my list of possibles. You do need to see a urologist again but that blackout is quite serious and with the diarrhea I think that there is more going on than CPPS. You should see an internist or family practitioner first.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
i have sat down for a while and it does indeed cause the burning and pain to increase when i sit for a period of time again...
im on day 15, diarrhea gone, but very narrow stools.  pain in penis constant, i cannot sit for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time before the pain in the penis gets worse and also pain in butt when sitting. i had the most stressful time in my life august and first few weeks in september.   im thinking more and more chronic pelvic pain syndrome.  If I suspect this, are there tests or remedies I should request at the urologist?
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