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can stone of kidney struck in the testis and i have no problem in the u...
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can stone of kidney struck in the testis and i have no problem in the urine excretion

few days before when i excrete out my urine after that i hace sevre pain in left testical i go to my physician he sais to me u have stone problem in your kidney, stone of kidneytruck in your testis, after the diagnosis i change my physician and goes to the sugeon and he said me their is no such problwem with uyou their is a infection in your testis, precautions required plenty of water, use of supporter and use a medicen for a week suggesyed by the surgeon after the one week my pain of testis is gone but when i sit and standing for a long time i have a pain in the same side but not in the testis at kidney side when i take rest for a while pain disappeaar please can you explain the reason
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Avatar dr f tn

You were right to seek a second opinion.
There is no way a kidney stone can end up in the testes and cause symptoms of the sort that you have described.

Your surgeon provided the right picture and treatment and this would have taken care of any underlying  infection in the urinary tract.

Since you still have pain in the flank over the area where the kidney is, it is possible that you could have a small stone in the kidney or ureter.
This can be diagnosed by an Xray and will not take much time.

Conservative measures for managing an infection or a stone include drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, addition of citrus fruits and juices in the diet, and rest until the pain disappears.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
Avatar m tn
i have a pain i n my left testicle my surgeon told me to do your urine D/R, ultrasound of kidney anr prostate and provoid each test is clear and nothing found in it then surgeon said their is a conjuction in the lines which causes pain in the testicle and he gave some medicenes, by using this medicen my pain is disappear but this pain is transfer in right side of testicle  
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