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cyst-like growth on testicle
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cyst-like growth on testicle

I am a white male 24 years of age. About 3 years ago during a self examination I noticed a cyst-like growth on the upper posterior side of my right testicle. I was not experiencing any pain or discomfort. I was concerned but did nothing about it; denied that it was an issue. Every now and again when I see adds for testicular cancer or stories on lance armstrong I think about the growth. Since then I haven't experienced much discomfort, swelling or any other pain in that area. A friend of mines father was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer, this sort of woke me up to the realization that I need to have this checked...the sooner the better.

Here are my questions and concerns:

I have been researching a lot and have found that my growth on my testicle seems to resemble that of Spermatocele cyst because it seems to be more of a growth than a lump and sort of connects to my testicle and balloon out as a-posed to a lump. (Then again I've never felt or seen the difference) Is there a difference?? The size of the growth is larger than a BB that tends to be described a lot in these forums. Does a lump connect and then balloon slightly as I described? This is my main concern, because it seems to be more of a growth than a lump.

Recently I have been experiencing a little discomfort in my right groin when sitting. It comes and goes but is relatively present. I haven't experienced any swelling or actual discomfort in my testicles. I also don't experience any pain while having sexual intercourse or ejaculation. I know I need to have this checked out but wanted to get an opinion about the situation.

Thank you very much for your help!!

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What you have described appears to be an epididymal cyst or a spermatocele. This is a benign condition as it can just be a collection of sperm or fluid.'

A cyst can be differentiated, from a hard lump, by its fluctuant quality. A lump would feel hard or firm without any give on pressure.

Even though a cyst is relatively harmless, you will need to have it examined amd treated as it may grow to a size that causes discomfort or can get infected.

An ultrasound can be done to identify if the swelling is a cyst or a tumor, but that will be decided by your GP.

It is best to have the swelling evaluated at the earliest, even though its benign presence over 3 years makes chances of it being malignant unlikely.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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