diagnosed with prostatitis; lingering ache around groin
by Charlie_Wong, May 03, 2009
31-year-old white male, not sexually active.  In December, I first started having a kind of dull ache, mostly to either side of my testicles.  Sometimes nearer the bladder, or just around the perineum generally.  Not really knowing what was I going on, I thought I might have a hernia.  I went to my GP.  I asked for details on how to self-examine my testicles, and he (very briefly, I thought) showed me.  He diagnosed me with prostatitis and prescribed 15 days of Cipro.  The symptoms were alleviated quickly, but a week or so after I finished the Rx, the dull pain returned.  I let it go for a few days, but then began to feel sick (feverish and, if I recall, a bit nauseous).  So then I went back.
Again, he took a urine sample and said there was nothing in it that troubled him.  He gave me 30 days of Cipro.  I had the same results: relief that then faded away 10 days or so after I finished the pills.  I again had a day when I felt feverish, so I returned.  This time he did a rectal exam, and he said my prostate did not seem to be enlarged.  He had me try an Rx of Bactrim.
I'd never taken sulfa drugs before, and I didn't do well on them.  Actually I guess I must have felt more or less ok for the first 3 or 4 days I took them, but after that, my fever returned and got all the way to 103.  I also developed a rash on my face and chest, and had very swollen lymph nodes.  The doc then told me to stop the bactrim and wait and see how many of my symptoms went away.  To my surprise, they pretty much all did.
I went back in, and my doc (who seemed about as puzzled as me by this point) took blood and did a number of tests.  Kidney function and 3 or 4 other things.  Like the urine samples, none of these tests showed anything unusual.
He said it's strange for prostatitis to cause (if it is causing) recurring fevers and sickness, and he suggested that if I continue to be troubled, I should go to a urologist or an infectious disease specialist.  I'm afraid that that next time might be nearing.  
I've been taking saw palmetto and vitamin C and drinking lots of water, in the hopes that those things might be helpful.  It's been a month or so since the Bactrim debacle.
I don't have pain during urination or ejaculation.  I've never seen blood or anything else unusual in either fluid.  What I've got, returning again, is a kind of soreness (tightness or fullness are other words I might use) around my groin.  Not constantly, and not overpowering.  I'm not sure how concerned to be about it.  Sometimes I think there might be something seriously wrong, but then I wonder why they didn't ever find evidence of anything in any of those tests they've done.
Any thoughts you might share, I'd appreciate.
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by Crusher409, Aug 26, 2009

I have the exact same symptoms as you.  I've had it for nearly six months.  This past week I went to a urologist myself and he prescribed CIPRO as well even though he didn't find anything.  I have not started it yet and probably won't.  Most doctors put things in boxes and prescribe the same thing to all their patients.  I do not believe you or I have any type of infection and should not be taking these STRONG prescriptions that can have lingering affects.

I suspect what we do have is some kind of strain, torsion or injury to the groin/testicle area.  I'm going to begin taken sitz baths and take a drink with quercetin in it.  After that if I am still having the ache, I am going to see someone who deals with injuries rather than conditions.  I am not clear on my path yet.  If you find anything out, let me know and I'll do likewise.
by Dr. Kokil MathurBlank, Aug 27, 2009
Welcome to the forum!
Your symptoms could be due to pudendal nerve entrapment, which is a nerve in the pelvic region. Its compression can cause pain, tingling, aches, sores, etc in pelvic areas including rectum and groin. A number of cases of this nerve’s compression are mistaken for prostatitis. You are right in trying to look for an injury specialist. Even a neurologist can help you with this.
Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
by Charlie_Wong, Aug 27, 2009
I'm seeing the urologist again tomorrow.  I've now noticed that whenever I have an erection, I have swelling above my right testicle.  Either a spermatocele, I would guess, or some other swelling of the tubes.
by Crusher409, Aug 30, 2009
Thanks for the information.  The condition is still a mystery to me.  The onset of the condition was 3-21-09.  I noticed that my right testicle was a bit hard and dark in color (almost black), unlike the left one which was flaccid and pink.  I had just completed a 10 mile run wearing a jock and compression shorts (for a hamstring injury).  I also did some heavy lifting that afternoon due to a winter ice storm that left branches all over the yard.  Other than that, two weeks earlier I was sick and was on antibiotics for 6 days.

Other than the fullness and swelling in the right groin/testicle area, I don't have any other symptoms.  I feel fine!  But I did notice, like Charlie, that when I get an erection my right testicle becomes hard and swollen and rises.  It's weird.  I did read about PNE and spermarocele and found both interesting and informative.  

At this point, I simply want to ensure that I'm seeing the right doctor and receiving the correct tests.  I thought the "prostatis" diagnosis was lame, especially since I am not having any of the symptoms.

by Charlie_Wong, Aug 31, 2009
To be exact, our symptoms differ.  I haven't had a testicle discolored or hard.  That sounds pretty disturbing.
What I get when I have an erection is a soft, balloonish mass above my right testicle, like fluid is collecting there or something.
When I spoke with my urologist yesterday, he said that unotherwise undiagnosed (and seemingly undiagnosable) groin pain and swelling are quite common problems, and that terms like 'prostatodynia' have been coined essentially to try to cover them.  He advised just trying to deal with the symptoms (such as by taking hot baths and ejaculating frequently) and 'hanging in there.'
by truckman3113, May 11, 2010
i have discomfort in me right testicle and groin area like you do, also some pain when I empty my bladder. not sure where I need to go, thought it was a hernia and been dealing with the aches. but when I notice no one else is say anything about the bladder concerns me. I get kidney stones, so I notice when I haven't had enough water it hurts me more. Then last night my girlfriend said she noticed some discomfort the last few times we had sex, so now I am really freaking out! Is it me?