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dull pain in base of penis/testicles and slight burning on the tip of t...
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dull pain in base of penis/testicles and slight burning on the tip of the penis

Hi, I'm healthy 22yr old male. I had unprotected sex with a friend(female) one night and a day later these following symptoms appeared AGAIN. I had these same symptoms after last time i had protected sex 11 months ago. These symptoms would disappear at times and then reappear. But for past 3-4 months they've completely disappeared until I had sex again few days back. You can refer to my post from 09/2007 when i had these symptoms last. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/299683

-slight burning/stinging at the tip of the penis.
-urge to pee often but not always
-dull pain around the base of my penis and testicles. Feels like someone's grabbing my testicles hard. It is very annoying. This pain is on both sides on the penis.
-There are NO visual changes or symptoms in my groins.

What worries me is that the symptoms were gone for months and they reappeared right after I had sex. I'm pretty sure the girl i had unprotected sex with is safe. I've gotten all STD, AIDs, blood, urine tests done 4 months ago when i had these symptoms for 5 months and everything came back negative. One thing to note is that I feel the symptoms more when i'm just siting idle. Its much less while walking.

Can anyone help me figure out what this could be? It sounds like some sort of infection but its been too long for an infection to reappear. Could this be HPV? If you could tell me what this possibly could be then I can get tested for it. Please help! this is really stressing me out!
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Avatar n tn
Hey, I'm a 22 year old experiencing very similar symptoms for the past two years. The first time it appeared was a night after heavy drinking and unprotected intercourse with a questionable girl. I was treated for chlamydia and bacterial infections and sypmtoms went away 2 weeks later. Symptoms returned 6 months later after sex with with a new partner and got tested, all negative, was treated and symptoms went away. From then until now my symptoms began to return more frequently and I began to notice it was worse after ejaculation. 3 months ago I had several encounters with a girl, protected vaginal twice and both times she began to bleed and we stopped. Had unprotected oral/anal and symptoms have not gone away since. Tested again, all negative. Went to a urologist finally, said nothing was wrong and that it might all be in my head and anxiety is causing it. I'm not crazy, I know my penis hurts and there is redness near and around my urethra. He treated me for chlamydia/urethritis the whole deal and my symptoms still remain. He suggested that I return to check for possible fungal infection and I'm going to do that soon.

All my symptoms are just like your except I know have redness in tip and underside of the head of penis, pain after ejaculation, and now my symptoms dont go away. Some days are better than others but a few things increase the symptoms.

-not being actve
-heavy alcohol consumpton
-large meals
-heat and pressure(if have your laptop on your lap)

This has seriously affected my life and its driving me crazy. I have continually convinced myself I have every STD involving these symptoms but test are always negative. If you find out anything please let me know, I have seen many others with the same problems and no answers. They say its anxiety but the symptoms are causing my anxiety! Until then, I am going back to the urologist and then a dermatologist to see what I can find out. Good luck!
Avatar dr f tn

During your previous consults have you been treated with medications?

Was a urine culture, urethral swab done?

Any testicular utrasound done to rule out involvement of testicles, epididymis etc?

The presence of urgency in urination, a burning pain at the tip of the penis may suggest an underlying urinary tract infection. Consult with a urologist and you may ask your physician regarding urethral syndrome. Abstain from any sexual activity until a proper diagnosis has been made.
Avatar n tn
I found a post from 2004 with many of these men experiencing the EXACT same thing as I am but have not yet found an answer.


There are so many people that are sharing this same problem that I find it ridiculous that there are no answers. Especially since these posts date back to 2004. Please help me, I can't take it anymore.
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