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erection pain
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erection pain

about 2 or 3 months ago, it seems out of nowhere when getting an erection it is painful. All functions seem to work
without any problem, its just the pain that seemed to just start one day that has me concerned. I am 47 years old
and except for being overweight I am in good health, bloodwork is good, blood pressure is good, as i've had a physical
this year. Was gonna go to the doctor but would like your opinion first as this is an embarassing thing to have to
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Without a history of penile trauma or penile skin problems, my first thought is that this may be early Peyronie's disease. I f the symptoms persist, then see a urologist.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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How are you? Painful erection can be due to balanitis, sexually transmitted diseases, with advancing age, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia. Since when have you been experiencing this and how frequently?

Have you checked your prostrate? With enlarged prostrate there is blockage of the urethra, also release of semen becomes difficult with this.

Is there any rash, scarring of the organ and rigidity in it. If yes, it could likely be paraphimosis. This can occur due to infections and trauma.

Visit your urologist for further evaluation.

Take care.
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