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inguinal hernia?
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inguinal hernia?

Hi! I think I might have a small inguinal hernia on the left side of my groin above my penis. It doesnt hurt or bother me at all and its been like this for over a year or more since I cant remember. Should I be worried about this or not? I have no pain and everything seems fine. Cough test for physical was ok with no problems but looking into all of this has me a bit worried. Should I post a picture to have a visual? I dont know if thats ok or not, this is my first post.

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The fact that you mention the cough test for a physical was OK gives me the indication that you have not had your doctor mention a hernia to you.

I had lived with intermittant swelling (lump) in the right inguinal region. Unlike you I had eperienced some discomfort at times while lifting things at work. I used to be a heavy duty mechanic shop foreman.
Having had many medical examinations for other problems the possibility of a hernia was never brought out by either my doctor or myself.

In 2006 after having been on disability since 2003 I ended up with a more visable and moderately painful right groin, inguinal region. Since I had no relief from it my wife took me to our doctor. Even when my doctor examinned me and mentioned an inguinal hernia, the pain was less that I was expecting for something like that.

My doctor made a phone call and after that handed me a letter and toldmy wife and I to go over to a urologist. The urologist was sort of useless. When I got there the pain was much worse than it hade been previously. Any touch or pressure near this area was extremely painfull. The urologist prodded around and seemed surprised by my discomfort. He told me that he did not know what it was but that he was going to send me to the general surgeon in the same city.

My poor wife and two daughters took me to the hospital where we waited for over 5 hours before a humble looking east Indian doctor came over to me. I was taken to a small consultation room and was requested to take my pants and underwear off. He ended up doing it for me because by now I was into too much pain to do it. As soon as he moved my underwear down he looked very concerned and after gentilly palputating the area he told me that I had a major strangulated inguinal hernia. He asked me a brief history and after telling him that I had lost my left testicle as a result of  a Strep B infection and having been born with undescended testicles, he informed me that the hernia could have effect on my remaining right testicle and that there was a chance that I might have to loose this one as well. Based on that I refused to sign the surgical conscent. He told me that he would have a different urologist present if involvement of the right testicle was present. He sort of understood my distrust of the first urologist.
He went over to my wife and daughters and mentioned to take me to emergency. I was very afraid that I had to wait even longer in severe pain by now, but did not want to loose my remaining testicle at all cost. Even refusing surgery. I remember being immediately taken to a bed behind curtains and had neunerous nurses come up to me. An IV was started and something was injected that made me drowsy, but I was in far too much pain to drift off to sleep. I remember being taken over to an elevator downstairs to the basement where the OR,s were. I was move to another curtained area where I was greated by a doctor who had treated my wife for thyrhoid surgery about 10 months prior. All though he was not involved for my care, he noticed my pain and was quite concerned. He went over to a nurse and mentioned something to her. Within a few seconds after talking to her she went to a cabinet and came over to me with a suringe. After that I don't remember anything untill I woke up several hours later still in quite some pain. Being clear enough to remember that I had not signed a surgical conscent, I asked a nurse what had happened. I was told that the doctor would come to see me soon.
The same east Indian doctor came over to me and told me that they were able to safe my testicle but that I had a severe old hernia that must have been there for quite some time. He told me that he used surgical mesh to repair the area and substitute it for the removed tissue. I remained in hospital for 5 days before I was discharged.
It took several weeks before the pain subsided. Coughing or going for a bowel movement caused a lot of pain. Because a history of urinary retention following surgery I was relieved to have a catheter in for several weeks.
It took several months to become almost discomfort free.
When I try and sleep on my right side I can feel some discomfort in this area. Over the last two years I again am starting to notice some problems. the doctor had told me that I could expect to have problems again. So far I'm able to cope very well and I now know the warning signs when things are about to go wrong. I was told that if I had waited longer, I could have had part of my bowel removed or could even have died. Now at the age that I am, the idea of loosing the remaining testicle during surgery does not bother me. I have been on testosterone injections since 2003. If I notice a lot of pain again I will not hessitate to seek medical attention right away. Loosing a testicle cannot compare to me loosing me life.
If you had undescended testicles as a child than the possibility of a hernia is very likely. Talk to your doctor about this and ask him to look for a hernia specifically. Unless it is really noticable like it was when I saw my doctor, it can easily be overlooked.

In my case I knew it was there and I knew some of the risks. I had been seen by numerous doctors around that time due to other health problems. Just around the same time, I had been examined by a doctor who was mathiculous enough to retract my foreskin and inspect my penis during a medical examination while looking for heart problems that I was experiencing. How could she have missed the hernia about 5 months later when she was that extensive in her examination.

A hernia can have very serious consequences and can become life treathening in a short period of time.

All the best,

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