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long term injury/pain from masterbation(masturbation).
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long term injury/pain from masterbation(masturbation).

Several months ago I was masturbating, keeping myself from ejaculating by slowing or stopping movement when necessary. After about an hour and a half of this I noticed a growing pain in my testies and abdominal cavity. I figured that it was blue balls so I ejaculated but the pain didn’t go away. At this time I sneezed and that hurt badly. It felt like I had ruptured vessels all around where my bladder is. I think that all these things injured me pretty bad. It took 3 or more hours for the pain to fade enough that I could fall asleep. The next morning the testicular pain was gone but the pain in my abdomen and pelvic area remained it isn’t a sever pain but is aggravating. After 2 month of this pain I when to a General practice MD and told him my symptoms. I had a prostate exam the Dr said that it felt a little “boggy” 2 months after that he has recommended that I see a urologist, the problem is that I have no insurance and want to make sure that this pain wont simply go away in time. It has been 5 months since this happened.
In my abdomen the pain is mostly under my waist line (bellybutton) mostly between my umbilicus and bladder around but I also feel it out to the left and right. some times I feel a weird tingly sensation under the tips of my ribs and the xiphoid process of the sternum.  The pain has improved a little overall in the past few months. Some times I feel good and think I’m getting better but the pain comes back a day later. (very discouraging)
The morning after the injury I remember thinking that I had blood or other fluid in my abdomen out of place from a rupture or something, it really freaked me out.  I have also noticed that often times when I urinate it seems that it isn’t an appropriate amount for how full I feel. Sometimes when I become aroused I feel a flush or surge sensation in the area around my bladder, sitting in a chair can also aggravate it After doing some research on my own I discovered Prostate congestion but don’t know much about it. If you could tell me what happened to me and tell me away to help my body heal that would be wonderful.
Thank you for your service.
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I agree that the prostate should be looked at.

Infection or inflammation should be ruled out.  This can be done with a urinalysis as well as prostate massage.  Any prostatic fluid should be sent of for analysis and culture.

Imaging the prostate can also be done via an ultrasound.  An abscess or mass should be evaluated further by the urologist.

Regarding the amount of urine produced, this may be more a kidney problem.  Obtaining the aforementioned urinalysis can help determine the presence of protein.  A blood test can evaluate kidney function, and an ultrasound of the kidneys can look for enlargement that may be the result of blockages.

Further evaluation of the lower GU tract can be done with a cystoscopy, and these options can be discussed with your urologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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