lump in penis
by Ryan__0__0, Aug 11, 1998

  I am a 22 year old male, and a couple of days ago I noticed a
  small (~1cm long and a few mm wide) hard lump underneath the
  skin of my penis.  It is located  on top towards the upper part
  of the shaft but below the head by about 1cm or less depending
  on the size of my penis.  It is not very deep inside, but it is
  definitely well underneath the skin (I can push it around a
  little like a vein).  It is more noticeable when my penis is
  erect.  It has not caused me any pain, and everything seems to
  be in working order.  I urinate fine, I was able to acheive an
  erection without any problems (though I felt like I could I did
  not try to actually have an orgasm), and everything appears to
  look fine too.  I have never had any problems with my penis,
  glands, testicles, or anything else in that region before - no
  unusual marks, smells, weird fluids, or anything.  The last time
Dear Ryan,
The differential diagnosis of a lump on the penis is somewhat long and variable.  However, what you describe sounds like a thrombosed penile vein, or perhaps may be a plaque associated with Peyronie
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