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please answer--i'm going crazy...
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please answer--i'm going crazy...

I had a severe UTI about two months ago which became kidney infection... I got treated for that staying at the hospital and taking several different antibiotics...
for the past 1-1.5 months I've had period like symptoms (NO BLEEDING)... only the pressure (sometimes), burning (all the time), and some minor cramps (sometimes)...

I told two gynos about this problem and they both said there didn't seem to be anything wrong when they were examining me... the first one did a urine test (this was 3 weeks after i had been treated for my kidney infection) and that came clear...

My second gyno also said nothing seemed to be wrong and that sometime level of PH changes in the vagina area and can cause sensitivity in vaginal area....

a couple of other points: I have been under a lot of stress... also, for a while I took SolFe as iron supplement and I got really constipated but then I stopped the medicine and it took a couple of weeks to get back to normal... also, in October I had a case of abnormal pap which unfortunately later after doing hpv test and colposcopy, I was told that I had contracted high risk hpv (but low-grade abnormal cell changes)... :"(

my question is, is this something I need to be worried about? If yes, what kind of specialist should I see?
It's really worrying me especially after all these things that have happened to me... I don't want this to be something serious and me ignoring it...

Thanks a lot
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Honestly your symptoms sound very much like Interstitial Cystitis or Chronic Cystitis, and honestly the culturing techniques currently used designed to find acute infections not chronic uti's since the bacteria count are do not meet the colony count standards for them to recognize a chronic infection.  There are many reason for this but that does not help your pain, however a good uro that treats complicated or chronic infections can help to clear it up with long term antibiotics treatment..
There is currently no cure for IC, however there are many treatments to help control the symptoms!  Either way with the symptoms you describe it might help to rinse onf with a peri bottle or water bottle with a squirt top. If you are on city water and it is chlorinated make sure you used distilled water in the bottle.  Diet can also help significantly when your bladder is irritated.  We have diet info on our website too.
IRRITATED BLADDER CRANBERRY IS ONE OF THE TOP 5 THINGS FLARE TRIGGERS. blueberry does the same thing but less acidic,
D-Mannose is the natural sugars that keep
bacteria from attaching without the problems also.  I can get you some links to the cheapest place to get this also

I have IC and am an IC support group leader here in MO and ARK, MOARK IC.  I  have some links to IC info if you would like to pm me for those I would be glad to share them with you, so you can see if you feel this maybe what is going on with you and talk to your doctors. OR find doctors who treat IC and are IC knowledgeable.

We also have an IC support forum here on this site actually two, listed below.  


The expert forum where you can actually ask the doctor here on Medhelp is here also:

Hang in there you are not alone, and thought there is no cure for IC, there are many treatments that can help with your symptoms and lots of support!  Feel free to contact me for more info!

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