prostate massage ruined my life
by sjenkins75, Sep 07, 2009
I went from being a virile, sexually fucntional and very active guy last year. Then had an amateur prostate massage from a girl I was seeing.it was non painful and fairly unremarkable I thought. But I have had continual problems from that day on. The very next day woke up with incontinence, and only able to get a 70% erection. Terrfying for a 33 year old, fit athletic guy.
Two weeks of Floxacin/quinalone type drugs from the doc almost fixed it, then it came back.

No incontinence now but still a poor 75% strength erection and as of the last 4 months copious seminal fluid production and inability to feel orgasms, I can ejaculate( barely) but don't feel it at all- just a wierd stuffy pressure feeling.

On continual floxacin/quinalone and I think a course of some kind of sulphanamide(?)drugs for almost 6 months and not getting any better.Very depressed now.

Urologists examined me and say prostrate is a little enlarged but not that bad.

Okay I am ******, I understand that. One of the 10% who never recovers from this problem or whatever the hell it is I guess.

But at least can someone tell me what the **** happended from that little prostrate massage?
It seems to have permanently injured me or introduced an incurable bacteria to my system.

How is this possible, I thought prostate massages were supposed to be healthy??????????????
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by Dr J SinghBlank, Sep 07, 2009
There’s a definite possibility of an infection restricted to the prostate gland (acute prostatitis) getting spread to the nearby epididymis or sometimes to the blood with the prostate massage. I’ll suggest you to take a complete antibiotic treatment and in future avoid prostatic massage. I know treating a prostatic infection is a nightmare both for the patient as well as the treating physician but patience does pay in majority of the cases. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
by T555, Jan 12, 2011
Sjenkins75.......i was having pain in my left testicle, which eventually I found out was pain radiating from a back injury. The pain was the only problem until I went to get checked out by a urologist who misdiagnosed me with prostatitis. I was givin medcations obviously with no improvement and after the medications he decided he wanted to give me a prostate massage after the prostate massage I get the all of the EXACT same symptoms as you... Plus a slight pinching sting in the tip of my penis that comes and goes. If u are to read this  have u solved the problem?