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sensitive pain at tip of penis
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sensitive pain at tip of penis

hi, i've been having a slight discomfort at the tip of my penis since august. the pain was more severve than it is now. in a scale of 1 - 10, it's a 1 or 2. very small, but it's noticable enough to where masturbation isn't as pleasurable as before.

* all stds have been rules out. tests were done and i am clean. *

i've seen a urologist and am going to seen him again soon. what he told me the first time is...i've grown accustomed to masturbating frequently and my prostate fluid is "backing-up" or something to that effect. i was told to masturbate as i usually do and take advil for 2 weeks. that was a month ago and i still feel discomfort. what gives?

* he also ruled out cancer. *

things i've noticed:

- the pain is almost non-existent in the morning
- the more i urinate during the day, the more discomfort i feel at the tip
- the more the tip get's contact, the more i feel discomfort
- feels like the tip is super sensitive, but not in a pleasurable way
- i've had long bouts of constipation, sometimes 2 - 3 days without going ( don't know if this is related )
- masturbation isn't as pleasurable as before.

i've thought about what could have caused this and here are my thoughts:

- i had been forcing myself to urinate before this for awhile...a factor?
- i had been weight training at the gym twice a week for an hour each time...a factor?
- i had a long bout with depression but not anymore...a factor?
- i masturbate alot ( once a day )...a factor?

coud it be an infection?
pelvic floor dysfunction?

any insight greatly appreciated! thanks!!

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Avatar f tn
     How are you? Pain at the tip of penis is usually due to prostatitis. This can occur due to routine UTI’s or STD’s. As you have already been tested for STD’s I would suggest that you get a routine urine analysis with culture done. A DRE of the prostrate would also be required. What is your age?

Chronic urethritis can also cause this, but rarely. The importance of clothing, detergents, spermicidal gels, condoms, soaps etc should be taken into account, as these could cause irritation and inflammation in certain patient’s.

I would suggest to  abstain from masturbation for some time and get the tests done to see what it is. Consult a urologist and discuss the above mentioned possibilities and follow his advise.

Avatar n tn

I have the same issue except I think mine was caused by my sudden refrain from masturbation.  Backed up prostate fluid sounds like what I feel in my penis and when I get an erection, the tip of it stings.  I'm going to try and resume masturbating daily again even though it is sort of painful, as I used to do it quite frequently.  Stopping was the worst thing I could have ever done.

Good luck
Avatar m tn
Hi back to you Dr.Veena & foulness. I'm 33 and am not on any medication. I don't have any stds...all tests have come back negative. Tests of my urine have revealed nothing, twice. My urologist checked my prostate with his finger and assured me it's normal. He also did the usual checkings of my penis and testicles. All was normal.

I've also discovered that there significantly less pain during the day, when I have masturbated in the morning. Could it be the prostate fluid being released?

I will bring all your thoughts to the table, dr.veena, when I visit with my urologist. I will let you know, foulness, of my findings. Thanks to you both for posting back.
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