shrinking penis
by jocemp, Jun 30, 2010
My husband has lost 3 inches in length of his penis over the last 2 years. What could possibly be causeing this? This wasnt too big a deal when it was half an inch but now we are talking 3 inches. It is causeing serious problems in our marraige. He is so deperessed over this. Please any one know what this could be?
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by Gabriel2010, Jul 03, 2010
hey , im not a doctor , never experienced this thing , but my guess is that your husband is in allot of stress; is he a heavy smocker and drinker ? i know for sure smoking is a cause. hope i could be of help
by dootzhead, Jul 04, 2010
I happened to get this in my mailbox and had a similar problem over 5 years but I fixed it. for me it was a combination of not being around women for a very long time and high blood pressure. My testosterone levels dropped and the urologist said that that is where the phrase "if you dont use it you lose it" came from. (you need to get your hormone levels up as well to keep him going.. you may have low estrogen and even low testosterone levels yourself believe it or not) I too found that once I was exposed to a woman's pheramones again my levels immediately went up, my semen volume increased and lots of routine oral sex ( like I was use to ) began to change things back to the way it was before. I too lost a few inches and was always big for my size. It has been very detrimental as a man to have this happen and I would give your husband as much support as possible since he had no control over what was happening to him. It is also brought on by high blood pressure as well and can result in impotence so he should get to a urologist, get some testosterone supplements and have his BP checked and controled. It will take time but he should be able to come back if you do these things from what I have been experiencing. I've already gained about one inch back in two months after being idel for years intentionally (head games with women.. needed a break). You need to let him masterbate whenever he feels like it.. let him watch internet porn or something to help get his levels up and to keep him big as often as possible. Don't be jealous.. have fun with it.. play games.. take turns.. give him oral sex while he watches.. Men are visually stimulated unlike women who are emotionally stimulated..make him sexual again and it should turn around. Good luck..
by rmprdl1964, Jul 04, 2010
Hi, I too have simmilar problems with shrinkage. In 2003 it was discovered that I have low testosterone levels as well as that I suffer from ED. A urologist put me on monthly testoserone injections as well as prescribing caverject to help with the ED.

My blood pressure medications are causing a problem with erections as well as shrinkage. I am married and have a good relation with my wife.

I strongly don't believe that pronographic material will make a difference. If anything it could be harmful as one may be left with unrealistic expectations.

A sexual relationship is meant for a husband and wife, non of the other nonsense should even be considered. In that case I much rather have the ED and shrinkage. For myself the shrinkage is mostly visable in a flacid state, once erect there is enough there that it does not interfere with intercourse.

Currently for myself, I have a suprapubic catheter in and intercourse poses a problem. I do believe the statement of Don't use it you loose it. I'm not sure how much longer it will be before the catheter can come out again.

All the best.

by rmprdl1964, Jul 04, 2010

I forgot to mentione that high blood pressure can cause problems. Most of the time the penis  can point  out (no pun intended) other problems.
In my case high blood pressure, high colesterol, tachy cardia.
The other thing that I have had for myself is the fact that I'm disabled and am not as mobile as I used to be. As a result I have gained weight and body fat in the pubic, and abdomen region. So there might no really be any shrinkage but body fat hiding part of the penis.

All the best.

by theknightzorro, Oct 22, 2010
I don't have any answers, but I can tell you he's not the only one this happens to. I lost an inch to my penis, and even though I am still considered 'average', it has depressed me as well. I've gone to 2 doctors, and they both looked at me like I'm crazy, one gave me viagra, which gave me a headache and didn't do anything with the size issue. i would recommend trying yohimbe bark, goat week, and other male stimulants, and hopefully he can get those inches back.
by rmprdl1964, Oct 23, 2010

One thing that you might want to ask about is caverject injections. For me this had some result as Viagra or Cialis did nothing for me.
I use California Tri-mix double strength. Injecting the penis is not as bad as it sounds. I had been able to get good erections with the injections, however have not been able to use it for the last two and a half years since I have a catheter in for urological problems.

All the best.

by hurting007, Oct 24, 2010
As a wife of a man who has this problem, I can tell you I know how you feel.  Nothing we have tried works.  He has seen the doctor and tried what he said and he has taken pills etc.  He is overweight.  Maybe it does have something to do with the pheromones and maybe that is a problem I have, not excreting enough.  I am going to try something for that and see if there is a difference.  I'm going to do it as a blind test and not tell him I am doing it.
by rmprdl1964, Oct 26, 2010

You state that your husband is overweight. This might be part of the problem, but is not the complete cause.
In 2003 I went from a very active life to disability due to neurological problems.

First in 1996 I first started having problems with ED after having had bladder surgery and a resection of the prostate. 1996 I was also diagnosed as having a neurogenic bladder.
The urologist told me to try Viagra and than Cialis, but that did not have much of a result.
When I was put on disability I was also seen by a different urologist dealing with sexual dysfunction. After some testing he put me on monthly testosterone injections and tried Caverject  for ED. For me this had a good result at the time.

In 2008 I came down with a major kidney infection and pneumonia. While I was in hospital I noticed that I had a fistula between my prostate and rectum. Currently I have had a urethral catheter for a year and now a suprapubic catheter for almost 2 years now.
As a result of that and not being as mobile as I used to be, I have developed some body fat in the pubic area. On top of that I have not been able to function sexualy since March of 2008. It seems that my penis has lost allmost all of it's flacid length. Right now I would say that I have no more than 2 to 2.5" at the most. I do induce erections to wear condom catheters for urinary leakage. Now the erections get up to 4.5" to 5" from 6" to 6.5" previously. The 4.5" give a problem putting on the condom catheters as there is a 2" adhecive strip. I'm able to gain some lenght if I push down the body fat.
I'm 46. 5'6" and about 135 to 140 lbs. I think that you can tell that I'm not overweight at all. Yet I have a distended abdomen and body fat in the pubic region. If I push the fat down while on an induced erection using caverject, I'm able to get 5.5"
I do believe that we loose some length while we age and in my case it is partially due to the fat pad in the pubic region.
I don't want to make any negative statements, but I do feel that weight loss for your husband might be part of the problem. Have the ever taken testosterone levels. As we age these levels in some might fall below normal.
For the last three years this has been a major change for me as I have not been able to engage in any sexual activity with my wife. Luckily there is more to a sexual relationship than just sexual intercourse. My wife and I just enjoy the closeness that we can share. As much as I would like to regain sexual function, I find that my wife and I have been ale to manage well given these problems.
I hope that you and your husband can find other ways of bringing each other pleasure. The best of course would be to regain sexual function.

All the best
by olderat60, Aug 12, 2011
Read many comments on another thread, same topic, "shrinking penis".  From the many comments I read there it is quite obvious to me that the medical profession will be eager to accept your money but will be of no real assistance with this dilemma. A lot of guys in that thread described many similar symptoms, visited many dr's, tried numerous desperate fixes, but no real fixes were provided.  I was shocked to learn how young many of those guys were. Some were in even in their late teens while many others were in their twenties and thirties.  I suppose at the age of sixty I should count myself fortunate to have reached my mid/ late fifties before experiencing this shrinking penis. Still, it is quite painful to lose a girlfriend of ten years, and to know that loss came about due to my fading manhood, and at this point having no realistic prospects for a woman in my future. The comments I read here blaming excess weight and suggesting weight loss are absoutely rediculous.  At my present age of sixty I am no more than ten pounds overweight, still have much muscle tone and find that younger women are still attracted to me. I find excuses to brush them off because I know I can no longer quench their bedroom desires. But oh, how it saddens me. Of all the comments I read in the other "shrinking penis" thread only one fellow claimed to have conquered and reversed this condition.  He claimed to have stopped consuming processed sugars as well as all carbonated beverages.  After about a month he began to notice the improvement, and eventually his shrunken penis problem was corrected.  That was his claim.  It just so happens that I am a lifelong addict to sweets and diet Coke.  Could they have somehow contributed to my own problem?  Who knows?  The human body is such a complex and complicated living machine.  Perhaps, if not directly, at least indirectly an overabundance of processed sugers in our bodies can cause the depletion of a very essential mineral or enzyme that the male body needs for maintaining proper blood flow to penis tissues.  Hey, it's worth a try.  No more Snickers and Oreos for this ol' boy.  It'll be a tough addiction to kick, but even if in the end I don't get my old friend back, I'll still be healthier.  Wish me luck and I'll report back here in the months ahead.  And I sincerely wish the best to all my shrinking penis comrads out there.  Life will go on, and we will endure.