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sperm granuloma
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sperm granuloma

I had a vasectomy several months ago. I haven't had any issues until a few weeks ago I discovered a small lump on my right testicle. I have very little discomfort but there is just a bit of swelling just above the penis. Can the swelling be a symptom of a sperm granuloma? What are other symptoms of a sperm granuloma? I'm 45 years old and in good health with no history of cancer in my family.
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Yes it is posible that it is a granuloma but it can also be the end of the cord that was severed in the vasectomy.
I had a vasectomy in 1999 and currently am able to feel a small bump on my right testicle.
If you are unsure you are best off to get it checked by your doctor, I wish I did.

A day after my vasectomy the left side of the scrotum swelled up to the size of a small orrange and the two stiches pulled out. I went to the local clinic but a locum doctor was in and she told me that it was just the swelling from the vasectomy.

The second day I was not feeling well and the left side of the scrotum had turned purple to dark blue and had increased in size and felt warm to the touch. Once again I went beck to the locum. This time she wrote a letter and sent me back to the general surgeon. As soon as he saw my scrotum he immediately booked the O.R. to do exploratory surgery of the left hemi scrotum. It apeared that I had developed a major hematoma (blood clot). The fact that I had had my breakfast and coffee was not taken in consideration. I underwent emergency surgery to remove the hematoma. After I woke up, I had a large dressing on my scrotum with a penrose drain coming out of it. I remained hospitalized for the next five days.
After 8 weeks I resumed my job as a heavy duty mechanic shop foreman.
After several follow up appointents there was a small hole in the scrotum that never seemed to close. It was dismissed as being nothing to worry about, yet I did not trust it.
About a year later while I was at an appointment with a urologist is regards to a neurogenic bladder and repeated kidney infections I showed the small hole to my urologist. He too dismissed it as nothing to wrroy about.
A week later I ended up hospitalized at the local hospital as I had another kidney infection and my scrotum had swelled up to the size of a large grapefruit. My local doctor had been trying to get me into be seen by my urologist. It was not untill my scrotum split open after a week that they had to admit me at a city hospital as an emergency case. That on the evening the day before my birthday, at about 11:45 PM I entered the emergency O.R. and underwent emergency surgery for a left orchiectomy. When I woke up the morning of my birthday, I was in an extensive care mergency room in isolation. I had numerous IV's going into me and had severe pain in my groin.
The urologist who had been on vacation came in to tell me that a colleque of his had performed my surgery. He tried to be funny and said "I heard that it is your birthday, did you have a ball." I found it difficult to find the humour in it at the time.
I lost my left testicle due to a severe staph infection. Due to this and being unsure of they had everything under control, my scrotum was left open to heal from the inside out.
the left hemiscrotum was packed with saline soaked gauze. This had to be changed every four hours. I also had to have a sitz bath every four hours while they did the dressing change. The first sitz bath was extremely painfull as the water came in contact with the open scrotum. Putting the gauze in and tan having to take it out before a dressing change was quite the event. I spent the next 7 days in isolation and was then discharged.
For the first two months my wife had to do my packing and dressing change. I still had to have a sitz bath shower every four hours. When I got out of my shower, my wife had to irrigate the open scrotum with peroxide.
After about 2 months I returned to my job under what was supposed to be light duty.
For the next month I worked with a dressing on my scrotum. I had to be extremely careful to avoid things that could cause an infection. It took about six months before my scrotum seemed closed. I now have a croocked half filled scrotum. At times it still feels like I have pain in my left testicle. It is now 10 years ago since this happened.

In 2006 I ended up with a right inguinal incarcerated hernia. As a child I was born with undescended testicles. My right testicle did not descend untill I was about 11-12. I ended up having another emergency surgery to have the hernia repaired. One thing that shocked me was the fact that the general surgeon told me that I should be prepared to loose my right testicle if it was involved with the hernia. I did not give him conscent to do so and told him to close me back up without removing the testicle leaving the hernia as it was. He told me that he would have a urologist in the O.R. to try and safe my remaining testicle. I still did not sign a conscent and told him that under no circumstances were they to remove the testicle.
When I woke up the surgeon told me that the urologist had been present and that there was no involvement of the testicle.
Currently I have been noticing some moderate discomfort of the right inguina area when I cough or lift something heavy. For now I'm keeping my mouth shut. If the repair needs to be redone, the chance of having involvement of the remaining testicle is much more likely.
Since 2003 I also have been taking monthly testosteron injections due to low levels.

If you are unsure of something, get it checked and don't wait. You do not want to experience what I did

All the best.

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