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spotting after urination
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spotting after urination

my friend is a 19 year old female. she is sexually active. recently she has been experiencing some spotting only after urination.  she doesn't have any pains during or after urination, just a little spotting directly after urination.
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Avatar dr f tn
How often and for how long has your friend been having spotting?
Has she just finished her period a day or two before the spotting began?
Or is she in the middle of her cycle?

There are several reasons why spotting may occur.
Some of the normal reasons include:
Spotting for 1-2 days after menstruation.
Mid-cycle spotting correspoding to ovulation.
Implantation spotting that occurs in the week prior to the start of a menstrual cycle.
Physical exercise and stress that the person is not normally used to.

Some of the causes of abnormal spotting (that occurs over a longer period of time) include:
low progesterone levels.
uterine fibroids.
sexually transmitted infections.

So if your friens has had this spotting for more than 2 days, do advise her to see a doctor as it could get serious.

do keep us posted on her progress

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