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testicle hematoma
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testicle hematoma

i had a vasectomy about 4 weeks ago, within an hour of being home the right testicle swelled to grapefruit size.
obviously with no experiance of the procedure i thought it may have been normal swelling,, but im a lot of pain i phoned the doc that did the procedure. he suggested it was an allergic reaction to the anasetic. looking back now with a clearer head i cant see how id get that one side only.
two weeks later im in even more pain and can no longer stand or sit, i get a lift to the local out of hours gp. too be told it is infected next to the incision. within a few days it starts to bleed from the incision. this has now bled for two weeks. i went back to the doc that did the procedure and he thinks it is just the blood draining out, however yesterday it stopped bleeding and soon swelled atound the area it had been bleeding, the swelling was around 1" by half an inch wide. in the night it popped and is now bleeding again as before.

my concern is this is still bleeding from the procedure and not it draing, why would it swell if it was just draining down.

the doc is sending me for an ultrasound, will this show if this is bleeding or draing?
the resticle has come down in size a mere tenis ball now :)

many thanks
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Avatar n tn
still bleeding so please does anyone have any ideas, ultra soud is not for another week. is there any visual way of knowing if its fresh blood or the blood from the hematoma?
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I had the same problem after Ihad a vasectomy done. Right after I got home the left side of the scrotum swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. I went to see the locum doctor who was in while my family GP was on leave. She mentioned that this was normal swelling and that it was nothing to worry about. Second day, I was in severe pain and went back. This time the reaction of this doctor was different. Due to the swelling the two sutures on the left side were ripped open and the scrotum had opened up a bit.
She sent me to the surgeon who did the procedure (general surgeon).

My wife drove me in and immidiately after seeing my scrotum booked the OR and I went in for surgery to remove the hematoma. He was sort of ticked off that the locum doctor had waited a day before sending me to him. When I woke up, my scrotum was bandaged and I had a penrose drain in to drain further fluid and blood. I remained in hospital for 4 days.

More comlications happened that resulted a small hole in the scrotum not to close. The general surgeon dismissd it as being nothing. After having had this hole for about a year, I went in for a review with a urologist due to another urological issue. During the appointment I mentioned the small hole and he examined the scrotum and told me it was nothing to worry about it.

A week after that appointment I ended up in the local hospital with a swolen scrotum and severe pain with a fever. After spending about 5 days in the local hospital while we were waiting for the urologist to return from leave. My scrotum had increased to the size of a large grapefruit, had turned partially purple and black on the left side and had split wide open.

Due to this I was sent to a city hospital as an emergency case. My wife told me that when I got to the city hospital I was out of it and was no longer making any sense in what I was saying to her.
That evening at about 11:30 pm I was taken for emergency surgery. It turned out that I had developed a Strep infection and that the left testicle and surrounding tissue and part of the scrotum had become necrotic. As a result the scrotum incision, with part of the left side missing, was left open to heal fom the inside out. They did this due to the severity of the infection, not being sure if they had removed enough tissue and the fact that the wound had to drain.
This surgery turned out to go into the morning of my birthday. When the regular urologist showed up to check up on me he made the following remark. "I heard that it is your birthday, did you have a ball?"
Due to the nature of the infection I was in an isolation room. My left side of the scrotum was packed with saline soaked gauze. Every 4 hours, I needed to have a sitz bath and the scrotum was packed with saline soaked gauze again. At first following the surgery, this was very painfull. I remained in the hospital for about 5 to 6 days.
Living out in the country and not having home care at the time, my wife was my nurse.
For the next two months we went through the routine of having a sitz bath every 4 hours, changing the packing and dressing on the scrotum.

In 1999 I was having problems with ED and the urologist had prescribed Viagra and later Cialis. Non of this worked.

In 2003 I was in a clinic due to a neurological condition that I have. Sexual health was a part of this clinic and I was seen by a different urologist. After talking about the ED. he prescribed me with monthly testoserone injections as my level was low.
After several months of treatment it did nothing to improve the ED. Caverject was tried in the office and worked. I was than given a prescription for this.

My suggestion to you is to go to a different urologist and get this hematoma taken care off as soon as possible. The Urologist who performed the left orchiectomy was not my regular urologist. He mentioned that when I had the hematoma, the general surgeon should have sent me through him or my regular urologist. Had it been treated sooner and by a urologist would have resulted in saving the testicle.

This did very little for me as I can't reverse what happened any how. Going after the doctor (general surgeon) does nothing regarding the outcome of what has taken place.

You don't want to end up like me, however I'm very afraid that you allready have waited too long, and saving the testicle might allready be too late. If this is the case make sure that you doccument everything, as you might want to go after them for neglect.
I realize that no compensation can replace the testicle and discomfort, suffering that you have experiened and will experience.

As angry as I am having lost my left testicle, I do not feel that going after these people will do anything for me. I just hope that the urologist who did the orchiectomy will have reported my case to the medical associasion.

I sincerley hop that you will make out better than I did.


Avatar n tn
good god, thankyou for the reply. i will make a urology appointmant  first thing monday. im at my wits end with this. got a wife and two kids and im going to be paid a whole £79 per week whilst off. i hate the idea of claiming compensation but im going to be seriously out of pocket soon.

im easy going and could see the funny side to start with but that soon wore off. each gp ive seen clearly have very little knowledge of hematoma and its been in the back of my mind i should have pushed for a urology appointment before now
647273 tn?1292094741
I don't know what the GP's were thinking, but they have to be of the same attitude as the Locum female GP that I had.
I can't really understand how you managed to cope with the pain involved. I rember the pain that I was in before I went to see this doctor. My wife and kids mentioned that I passed out.
I see that you must be in the UK, I'm located in Alberta, Canada. I used the live in the Netherlands for the first 17 years of my life. Some of the doctors there were not the greatest either.
Being away from home and rasing a family can be really difficult. Since I have a neurogenic bladder the infectins allways spread into the testicles. Needing to get hospitalized this became very difficult financialy. Most of the companies here don't have much in place for employees who get ill. In my situation the company that I worked for a had a disability insurance that would pay a part of an employees wages for the first 4 months of disability. The problem that I had was that I ended up staying in a hospital for a period of about 4 to 6 days. The plan only started to pay a compensation after a patient had been ill for 8 days. Getting compensation from this insurance company was allways a fight between me with the support fromt the doctor and the insurance company. Instead of discharging me to be at home getting well, my doctor would hospitalize me for a period of 8 days and more if needed.

I hope that you will be able to get things under control soon. I'll be having a cystoscopy on Wednesday to determin if a fistula between the rectum and prostate have closed. I highly doubt it as I'm still having symptons of it. If it is decided that this needs to be repaired, it will be a long and complicated surgery. As much as I donot look forward to it, I like to get it over with since I've had it for 3 years now.

Take care,

Avatar n tn
well after trying my hardest to get a gp to refer my for a urology i had to give up as i was in sever pain and went  to a and e. i was admitted and finaly got to see someone in urology. an ultra sound showed both testies still had  blood flow, the blood had clotted in some areas and still fluid in others. the reason for the pain and bleeding was due to infection.

to rectify the issues i went under general anasetic and had it all drained out, when i came round i was left with an 1" open wound that will have to be left to heal from the inside out. also a drain was fitted to allow any further fluid to drain out. after two days the drains have been removed and i have been discharged.

so i think we can now say anyone who is left with a hematoma needs to get it checked by urologist and preferably not the one who carried out the operation.
a hematoma in itself does not hurt after it has settled down, but the blood will act as a fuel for bacteria and will easily become infected and cause extream pain and should be sorted as soon as possible.

thank you ron for all your advice and hope you see an end soon.

regards andy

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