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urine test values
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urine test values

my urine test shows:
1) ph..... acidic
2)color....... yellow
3)wbc's ... 2-4/ hpf
4)rbc's ............. nil
5)epithelial cells .......... 1-2 /hpf
please tell what does it show.
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Hi there,
Your Urine routine analysis or urinalysis appears normal to me. Let me guide you through what each of those components mean.
Color: Well the color is highly nonspecific indicator; depending on hydration status, diet etc the color of urine changes. It is diagnostic in some genetic disorders like Phenylketonuria etc.  Pale yellow urine is normal.
pH measures the acidity and alkalinity of urine. Acidic urine is normal.
Specific gravity: Measure the density of urine. Again very nonspecific.
Albumin: Is present in almost every normal individual.
Sugar: Nil is normal. Positive in diabetics.
Bile salt, pigments: Normal.
Ketone bodies: Seen in diabetics. Negative is normal.
Epithelial cells: Lining the urethral tract; it is common to be found in urine.
Pus cell: Pyuria (presence of pus cells) refers to the presence of abnormal numbers of leukocytes or white blood cells (WBC) that may appear with infection in either the upper or lower urinary tract or with acute glomerulonephritis. But the values of 2-4 are normal.
Red blood cells may suggest a glomerular disease such as a glomerulonephritis. But since you have none; it’s normal.
Hope I have been of help. Do get back for further queries.
Dr Sylvester, MD
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