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vasectomy stil oozing 8 days later
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vasectomy stil oozing 8 days later

had a vasectomy a week ago, still have oozing at left incision, it's leaving a raw spot on left side of scrotum, itches a great deal, spot is discolored compared to rest of skin, and shiny. should i be concerned? saw the doc 4 days after procedure and both incisions were leaking, he said everything looked fine, but it has been continuing for 4 more days now on the left side. bruising seems to be healing fine, worried about possible rash and infection at left incision site. not fever, just raw soft wet skin that itches a great deal. i've been taking hot baths for 15 min twice a day at doctors direction. i've been putting a&d ointment on site after shower to ease pain and try to clear up raw itchy spot around left side. spot is 2 inches in diameter.
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i poured peroxide on the scrotum and saw a reaction only on the spot mentioned. i'm thinking a bacterial infection or rash, but i don't know if returning to the doctor will help. should i see a different urologist?
In 1999, I had the vasectomy from hell. Day after the procedure, my scrotum swelled to the size of a large orange. Went to see locum doctor and she told me it was normal but replaced two sutures that had ripped out due to the swelling. Second day severe pain grapefruit sized dark purple looking scrotum went back. This time she sent me back to the general surgeon. after just a few seconds look he booked me for emergency surgery and did not even bother about the fact that I was not on an empty stomach. Woke up several hours later in severe pain with a large dressing on my scrotum and a few tubes sticking out of it. When I needed to urinate, tow nurses had me stand in between them while one held a urinal under my penis which was barely sticking out due to the swelling and dressing. After trying to urinate into the urinal I can't remember what happened but several hours later woke up again with a catheter in place and still in severe pain. I was told that a large hematoma was removed from the left hemiscrotum. I spent 5 painfull days in hospital and several more painful days at home. After two months returned back to work. During the healing process there was a small hole in the scrotum that would not close.
About a year later during a review with a urologists because of a neurogenic bladder I showed the samll hole in the scrotum. Told not to worry about it so I joined my wife at a home school convention. I returned to our motel room after only four hours with severe pain in my scrotum and left testicle. Later we picked up our children from my parents place and went home.

The pain intensified and my wife took me to our family doctor. He gave antibiotics and told me to come back rigth away if things got worse. On the way home I had the urge to urinated badly and had my wife stop at a rest area. As I stood beside the van and pulled my penis out to urinate, I don't remember anything after. My wife and the kids told me that they heard a loud bang against the van and when they looked I was out cold on the ground. My wife and our two 8 year old boys managed tto get me back into the van. Because I had fallen and gotten dirty we first went home so that they could clean me up. From what they told me I was in and out of conciousness and soon after they got me cleaned up took me back to the local hospital. Our doctor immediately admitted me and started me on several antibiotics through IV. He tried to get a hold of my urologist but he was on vacation. I was kept in the local hospital for about a week when my scrotum split open. My doctor called the urologist on duty at the city hospital and had me rushed in for emergency surgery.
On the night prior to my birthday at 11:30 PM I was wheeled into the OR with a urologist and three interns present as well as a nurse and anasthesiologist. I was in surgery for several ours to remove the left testicle and the Strep B infected tissue. Because they were unsure if they had removed enough tissue that was infected by the flesh eating disease, they left the scrotum open. The next day the urologist on call and the interns came into my room and explained how they had to remove my left testicle, muscle, lymph nodes and part of the scrotum. I was told that my scrotum had been packed with saline soaked gauze and that they were going to pull it out so that I could have a sitz bath and get fresh packing put back in. This was to happen every four hours. The urologist intern later told me that when he tried to remove the gauze I acted as if I was going to punch him, I don't remember it.
Later that evening my regular urologist came in and mentioned the following. I heard that it is your birthday, did you have a ball?

I remained in isolation intensive care for about 6 or 8 days before I was sent home. They told us that they would provide homecare. We told them that we lived in a very rural area and that we were not aware of any homecare in our area. Yet they assured us that they would take care of it. Once home as we had told them no homecare was provided so we went back to our doctor who then admitted me in our local hospital. I was there for about 8 days while they showed my wife how to take care of the wound. I got to go home and my wife was my nurse for the next two months. Every four hours she gave me a sitz bath shower and changed the saline soaked gauze and cleaned the open scrotum with peroxide and saline.

After just over two months at home I returned to work supposedly as light duty. I was a heavy duty mechanic shop foreman at the time and light duty did not exist. Even at work I had to go to the upstairs office bathroom to clean my scrotum and change the dressings. It was extremely important for me to keep the wound clean. On one occasion I forgot to lock the door and an employee came in to use the bathroom. He nearly got sick when he saw the hole in my scrotum. It tooke up to four months before the scrotum started to close from the inside out.

Now the scrotum looks small and empty, the remaining testicle is high in the scrotum following a hernia surgery on that side in 2006. At a first close look one would have the impression that there areno testicles at all. Only by feel can one tell that there is a right testicle.

Had I known what I know now, I would  have gone to the urologist the first day after the vasectomy. Better yet I would have had the urologist do the vasectomy instead of a general surgeon.

If I were you, I would get it checked out immediately and if not taken serious get a second or third opinion.

I hope that you heal up well.

God bless,

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