when i masturbate i feel a pain in my head
by senhiro, May 12, 2009
the problem started 2 days ago, when i was reaching an orgasm i had an intense pain in my neck and back part of my head
i though it was because i might have move too much or something

so later that night i tried again

and i cloudn't even finish, a more intense pain came to my neck (the back part) and my head.....

so i stopped doing it and today i tried it slowly, very slowly, and this time a small pain came to my head,  the pain was like when a heart moves, you know, badum, badum, the pain went away and came back , yet i continued till i could reach the orgasm..

im very worried about this,, could it be a tumor? or i just strained a muscle or something

sorry for my bad english
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by Dr J SinghBlank, May 12, 2009

To me your headache appears to be something known as benign coital headache.
The first and most common, is the benign coital headache, which tends to occur on a regular basis during or after sex, and is relatively harmless.

The second type is the "new onset" severe headache during sex/masturbation. This is a first time headache, which the patient generally characterizes as the worst headache of their life. This type of sex headache is a serious emergency until proven otherwise. Such a headache is often due to an acute brain hemorrhage or other serious condition. Fortunately, this type of first onset headache is a rare one but is a serious one.

Benign coital headaches tend to occur before or during orgasm, and may persist for a period of minutes, or hang on for hours after sex. It can occur in both men and women. Although benign coital or orgasmic headaches are very painful, and obviously limit sexual enjoyment, they present no other acute threat. They are thought to result from muscle contraction, and/or blood vessel dilation, in the head and neck during sex.
Once a serious cause, such as a brain bleed, has been ruled out, benign sex headaches are relatively easy to treat. Sometimes abstaining from sex for a couple of weeks is all that's required. If that doesn't work, then a patient needs to take a medication an hour or so before sex in order to prevent the onset of the headache.

Beta blockers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS), and calcium channel blockers have all been used with some success. Benign sexual headaches also seem to respond well to a decrease in stress. The good news is that with or without treatment, benign sexual headaches tend to resolve on their own.

I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind regards.
by hunter_m, Dec 24, 2009
yea, i get those headaches to, but they are nearer to my temples, the front of the sides of my head. i take an ibprofiun or watever those are called or a zeyrtec, but my head ache still persists, and i dont want to take medication before i masturbate, cause that would just get annoying, and my parents might think something is up when i ask for meds. ill try abstaining, but if that doesnt work im not sure what my other options are. email me at:  ***@****

by Verhast, May 19, 2010
i have the same thing but mine started with the heading so bad it was undiscribe able... so i dont know its a new onset how would i know without getting my parents into it?
by Boomhower1941, Nov 20, 2010
I hav the same problem as u it hurts on meh temple, i did sum research and found that it may be that its just a muscle in the head i forgot wat it was called but it says that im supposed to rest 4 12-72 hours i waited four days just to be safe and the headaches went away btw im 11 hope this helps!!!!!
by CFlores2, May 21, 2012
Hi, I had the same problem but today I wanted to learn more so I had a better understanding of it, well the point is that you get that pain because of a infecton called "coital cephalalgia" doctors recommend that you stay away from masturbating for a week. Hope this helped!
by hellodude_96, Jul 03, 2012
yesterday, I was masturbating on he shower when, at the point of the orgasm, that horrible pain occurred... it was horrible! obviously it turned less painful after a few minutes but today i till have some kind of discomfort on my head when i move... the question is... How do I make that pain go away... I mean, if I abstain of masturbating some couple of days, will it disappear or it will come back everytime I reach an orgasm??
by Gointhruthingz, Jul 07, 2012
I started Lexapro a month ago. I had the precise pains that Senhiro and Hellodude talked about. Obviously this is a symptom of the drug. Wait, no one said thet are taking that drug. Maybe the wrong posting. But My symptoms were throbbing and exact same as Senhiro. I was a sexual beast with no side effects before the drug...