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white stuff under my forskin....looks like dried sperm
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white stuff under my forskin....looks like dried sperm

Hi im 25.Recently i have noticed "white stuff under my foreskin" it looks like dried sperm.Im uncut.I also noticed that when i go to the toilet there would be a bad smell wondering would this have anything to do with it?as i mentioned im uncut and have a tight foreskin.I recently recieved a oral sex from 2 people without the use of a condom.the fact that the skin does not come over the tip of my penis i thought this would be safe?can you plz help.could it be a STD or is it smegma?ive cleaned it once or twice but it seems to come back.
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The white stuff is most likely smegma, a substance that lubricates the glans (glands). If the foreskin is not retracted and washed during shower or bath time, it can accumilate and cause bad smells.

If at all possible try to make it a habbit to retract and was under the foreskin daily. No shower or bath is required. You can just used a moist facecloth, retract the foreskin and wipe the exsposed service well. Avoid soap as it can cause irritation of the skin. I have also found that putting some baby oil on the glans (glands) before returning the foreskin back ot it's normal position does help somewhat for smells.
Daily cleaning is a must.

I'm not judging you for things that you have done, but some of the activities that you have mentioned put you at risks of contracting STD's. Unless you are with one partner for the rest of your life, and you know that this partner does not have sex out of the relationship, you put yourself at risk.
No matter how small the sexual contact is, there is a potential if one has a small cut to transmit a disease. An example could be while performing oral sex, if you had bitten your lip or had a small sore in your mouth and the partner has an infection, then a transmission is possible. The same would go for a partner performing oral sex on you. The partner having an infection, like HIV, you having a small sore or crack of skin on your foreskin or penis puts you at risk of getting an STD.
Small cuts or trauma to the skin of your penis could have caused by masturbation the day before contact is possible.

The point that you made about what is the difference between anal sex and fingering. Again if there is body fluids on the finger and it then is inserted into the anus, transmission is possible. Anal sex will put you at a greater risk, both in inserting the penis into someone's rectum, but also from receiving anal panetration.

Unless you are 100% sure that your partner is not having sex outside your relationship, there is a risk of contracting an STD. The only 100% security is abstinance. Use a condom at all times when multiple partners are involved.

Yeast is something that most people will experience once in their lifes and is not really viewed as something very serious. It can happen after long term use  of antibiotics. When my wife and I first got married we were quite naive when it came to sex and the knowledge od problems that might be experienced. At the time that we got married, my wife did not know that she had a yeast infection. Several days later, while still on our honeymoon, I woke up with itchyness and burning of my glans (glands) and urethra, When I retracted my foreskin, it looked like a strawberry, red and all little bumps. My wife was also complaining about itchyness. We both went to a doctor as both of use knew that we had not been unfaithfull to each other. I was examined first, and the doctor told me that it was a yeast infection. My wife was checked and also confirmed to have a yeast infection.
My wife had used antibiotics to get over a throat infection, and I had been on antibiotics for several months due to a kidney infection. It was suspected that my wife had it worse than I did so with intercourse, yeast got in contact with my penis. I did not have have the rash on my penis prior to getting married.
Our doctor was very good and told us that he wanted us both to be using Canesten and not have intercourse or oral sex untill he had inspected both of us to ensure that thew infection had cleared. No sexual contact at all, net even using condoms.

I hope that you will use protection from now on. I know that intercourse without a condom feels much better but it is not worth the risk. Even now, I have to be on antibiotics now and then because of UTI, kidney infections due to a neurological diease, I will not have intercouse, unless I know that ho yeast is present.

All the best,

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