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The few available resources list common B6 toxicity symptoms as a feeling of pins and needles in hands and feet. There seem to be many other symptoms.

Please, list your symptoms here.
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• Stabbing pain in breasts, mainly near areolas. Like someone’s driving hundreds of nails into my breasts
• Tingling in fingers and palms of hands
• Fatigue – sleep 10-12 hours a night, when I used to get by on 6
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My symptoms are: Chronic and severe numbness and nerve pain in all of my teeth. Burning mouth, head pressure and head pains, jaw pain and facial numbness. Heart palipatations, fatigue, muscle aches and cracking, snapping, popping of joints (there is no pain, just noisy joints). Occasional tingling and prickling sensations throughout my body and difficulty walking at times. Brain feels like it on fire and I experience the sensation that my blood running through my veins is burning. Very weird or what!!!!
Does anyone have this? I don't have good days yet, only tolerable and those tolerable days only give me 3-4 hours before I start to feel my symptoms intensify.
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This are some of the symptoms I have experience since before diagnosis till now.  Stopped all supplements completely on October 8, 2009!
Extreme Depression
Extreme Exhaustion
Pins/Needles/Tingling (Sandpaper Feeling)
Muscle Fascillations-Twitching/Burning/Cramping/Squeezing
Increase in Skin Eruptions - Pimples, Popped Blood Vessels and Spider Veins
Extreme Emotion Swings
Irregular Heart Beat/Palpations
Nerve Pain/Pulsing/Burning
Thyroid Difficulty - was already medically controlled hypo, but went wacko!
Eye Flakes
Ringing Ears
Also, had minor difficulty with walking.  My right foot seemed heavier, and had severe cramping in thighs, buttocks, and hip.
Also, greatly effected my 'weaker' spot in my body - my lower back where I have scoliosis and stenosis.  
Well, that is all for now.
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Symptoms that started before I stopped b6:

Tingling in head
left had numbness and tingling
left hand weakness- could not use thumb
hypersensitive skin - painful to very light touch
- this moved around, right thigh to right arm, to left lower back to left arm etc
pins/pricks/needles in my foot
tingling in foot and leg
weakness in Right leg to the point I couldnt walk
fatigue - severe
muscle twitches/fasiculation
buzzing/vibrating - like there was a cell phone vibrating on me
pressure in right side of head/temple - like muscle tighness
occasional tingling in lip
electrical currents/shocks, random, anywhere
shivers in random parts of body
SEVERE anxiety - worried about this being something more serious

Level was 141 NMOL/L in range of 20-93 -  had taken no supplements for one week before the test was run

STILL have symptoms - tingling, electrical current, random numbness, weakness in leg, pressure/muscle tightness in temple,symptoms come and go and are not consistent 6 weeks after stopping the b6.  

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