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Sending out an SOS!!!
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Vitamins are substances that your body needs to grow and develop normally; if you have low levels of certain vitamins, you may develop a deficiency disease. Supplements can also be important to provide your body with extra nutrients depending on the activities you do. Discuss topics including vitamin deficiency, food to counter vitamin deficiency, sufficient vitamin levels, and supplements.

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Sending out an SOS!!!

HELP me please! Hi!  I'm 19, 5ft11in, and 275 pounds. I've gained over 100 pounds since 2011. And 40 pounds of it have been in the last 3 months alone. Between stress and overeating, I gained weight WAY faster than my skin could keep up. STRETCHMARK CITY. My family has an intense history of heart problems (mom has a pace-maker, dad had a heart attack at the age of 32) and diabetes (all but one person on BOTH sizes of my family over the age of 50 has it) and obesity. Let's face it, I'm WAY WAY WAY too young to be as big as I am with THAT kind of history.
I've been eating really well and excersicing and have seen ZERO change in weight or size or shape. I'm so ready to just give up!!!! I started thinking; what about weight loss supplements....and then whether to stick with  over the counter or prescription.
I don't even know where to begin when asking a doctor for help.."Hi! I'm OBESE, a little help here?"....I want the GOOD stuff, the stuff that will really help me. BUT I'm poor. Like, Ramon noodles 3 nights a week poor.
If over the counter may be a better option for me, I need recommendations. What brand would work best for my situation. I'm tired of being ashamed of my body. I want to feel beautiful again.  Please reply here!!
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Avoid sugar. Sugar is your fat key.  Look at the labels. The first ingredient on the list is the highest % in the product then it goes down from there with the last ingredient listed as being the lowest %.  

In particular avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup. HFCS is linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  Make sure your vitamin B12 and magnesium are optimal. I craved sugar to an insane degree with both deficiency states.  I also craved sugar due to hypothyroidism (another cause of weight gain however i have a poor appetite with this condition). The craving for sugar was my body's way of saying i need more energy!
Diets have a reputation for failing. I think this is because the new diet is almost always radically different from the old one. The basic principle of calories in calories out is sound, so let's start there.

Whatever you have been eating, even if is junk food, make your portions slight smaller. Do this until you are comfortable with the somewhat lesser intake. Eliminate second helpings.

Now small changes in diet are in order. If you drink sodas, drink one soda less a day. Keep this up until you are comfortable with it. Keep cutting back on things that are not good for you and gradually, very gradually add things that are. Continually reduce your portions.

This type of diet is most likely to work because it does not begin by attacking your comfort foods, whatever they are. But it is slow.

As for activities, the best exercise is staying away from places that serve food. That also means getting out of the house. Also, avoid fellow food lovers and social activities that revolve around food.
Hi Dance, Ok You can google this for info, its the cabbage diet, ite a 7 day diet, so you only have to get brain around it for 7 days, you do 7 days of diet then 7 days off and so till you get to yuor goal, you can do a weight tracker on site, to give you something to look at, but just do it once a week, like me, yes you can find me on there, you can even read my journals for help, but then main things are keep off fast foods, and junk foods, real killers to much salt and sugars, I just always drink lemon and honey tea, and fruit juices, and these I just mix with a regular orange fizzy drink, if you do the cabbage deit, which I'm on this week, I change the steak for chicken, and the brown rice for wholewheat pasta, but not to much, I do an 8 pint pot of mixed veg, no oil or peas, with boiling water 2 inchs, I build it up from a whole load of onions and garlic, carrots sliced thin, bell peppers, courgettes, green beans, two cans chopped toms, and a tomato persata 1/2 litre, and top off with cabbage, salt, mixed herbs, pepper, turn dow a simmer for 30 minutes, for the first couple of days I keep it on the cooker the fridge it, heat a up a bowl full as you go through the week, and add things like chilli paste, worcestershire sauce or soy sauce to it, these just change it around for flavour, I swap over the first days last fruit for the veg mix, then have the fruit for breakfeast, and on the 6th day do a swap at lunch for the veg and pasta, and have the chicken on the last days supper.
Now in the off week keep the fruit and banana days going, all helps to lose weight, get out and do some brisk walking, and if you have a local swimming pool get in there and swim, both of these are the best two things you can do for exercise, and as the weight comes off, start to carry a weighted ruck sack when walking, it will help to keep you body working, any time you want help email me.
Keep a note of these they will help,
Self disciplin.
self control.
Breaking bad eating habits.
And keep away from fast foods.
Good Luck
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