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Vitamins and Soy Milk
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Vitamins and Soy Milk

I have been reading just so  many articles  about the "Dangers" of Soy milk and how your if you're taking Vitamin D, Calcium, or Magnesium supplements that my body will NOT absorb the nutrients of the vitamins???
I need to know due to recent blood work of mine came back and my Vitamin D was Dangerously low....I certainly do not want to take these Vitamin D prescribed by my doctor which are 50,000 IU to be taken weekly continue drinking Soy Milk only to find out the milk is blocking the absorbtion of the vitamin????

I am absolutely confused and at this point I don't know what's true and what's Not anymore?

I AM NOT a Vegan or anything like that, I only drink silk soy milk about a Gallon every 2 days I eat allot of cereal....Or I can just drink it by the glassfull....

I do not eat tofu or anything else ...I just enjoy the taste of Soy Milk so much I can't stand the taste of regular Milk which I used to LOVE all my life....till about 3 years ago I began drinking soy milk...

PLEASE if anyone can direct me to a website on the" truth about Soy milk and absorbtion of vitamins" please chime in  but if you just hate soy or anything related to it and wannt reply about "How can anyone drink that S___T save it...I just want someone that can offer a website and the TRUTH ...
Thank you in advance....
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There are more reasons to skip soy than to consume it. If your lactose/ dairy intolerant, try almond milk, much more healthy, "crisp" and not mucousy at all. Flavors are available to.

Chemically, soy looks like estrogen to the human body.

Soy is in every processed food we eat. Just way to much in soy milk. Say no to soy milk. Your immune system will thank you.
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Thank you for your reply...LIKE everything...we hear one year "its the BEST thing for you" then 5, 10 years later...."it causes breast cancer or other types of cancer its BAD FOR YOU"...

But when my blood work came back 6 weeks ago and my Vtiamin D was Dangerously LoW I started to look into causes and I eat very healthy...I was a personal trainer and also studied nutrition so i have the the knowledge...I just started reading more and more articles on soy and thought...well maybe that caused my deficiency with the vitamin D....
That's when I found the article on how vitamins not being  absorbed due to Soy.....
I don't want to take what the dr prescribed the 50,000 IU once a week for 6 months then check my blood again to only be told Its still dangerously low?

So thank you for your reply & sugesting Almond Milk.....I will try I have grown to Loathe the taste of regular milk.....

Thanks again,
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The phytates in soy milk may block the absorption of certain minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.  Magnesium is the most important co factor of vitamin D deficiency so this could explains how the vitamin D deficiency may occur.  I came across an article on pros and cons of phytic acid however.  Hmmm. O_o

"Critics of soymilk claim that phytates inhibit calcium absorption, and
should be avoided. Pages 30-34 of Food Phytates contain charts revealing
phytate contents in various foods.

Since soymilk is the bone of contention, I chose its phytate content to
serve as a baseline for comparison to other foods.

The percentage of phytatees in soymilk is listed as 0.11%.

I've selected twelve other commonly eaten foods for comparisons. Durham
wheat, brown rice, corn, oats, white rice, whole wheat bread, corn
chips, peanuts, kidney beans, cashews, almonds, and America's "Breakfast of Champions," Wheaties.

Let's use common logic here. If any of these foods contain more phytates
than soymilk, they should not be eaten, according to soy/phytate
detractors, right?

Well, each food listed contains greater amounts of phytates than
soymilk. Here are the factors:

Durham wheat contains 8 times more phytates than soymilk (0.88%).

Brown rice contains more than 8 times the amount of phytates as does
soymilk (0.89%).

Corn contains nearly 7 times more phytates than soymilk (0.75%).

Oats contain nearly 4 times as many phytates as does soymilk (0.42).

White rice contains double the amount of phytates as does soymilk

Whole wheat bread contains almost 4 times more phytates than soymilk

Corn chips contain double the amount of phytates when compared to
soymilk (0.24%).

Peanuts contain almost 10 times more phytates than soymilk (1.05%).

Kidney beans contain 8 times more phytates than soymilk (0.89%).

Cashews contain almost 6 times as many phytates as soymilk (0.63%).

Almonds contain 12 times more phytates than soymilk (1.35%).

Wheaties, contain nearly fourteen times more phytates than soymilk

Now, let's get to the point of this. In their introduction and summary
of the scientific substantiation to follow, the authors of Food Phytates

"Recent investigations have focused on the beneficial effect of food
phytates, based upon their strong mineral-chelating property...The
beneficial effects include lowering of serum cholesterol and
triglycerides and protection against certain diseases such as
cardiovascular diseases, renal stone formation, and certain types of
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Sorry, i meant magnesium is the most important co factor for vitamin D absorption. :)
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WOW ...thank you for posting that information!!! That is very Very interesting to learn.....

its like so many year if a WOMAN has more than 2 cups of coffee it INCREASES her chances of Breat Cancer...2 years go by......Coffee NOW reduces a womans chance if she consumes more than 2 cups of coffee.
WINE??? OMG they have thrown so many "researches" at us I just dont' drink alcohol at ALL!!
And don't get me started on's the media the people that love to scare the H3LL outta of us....
we can do all our own research we read articles writen by Top Universitiy researchers only to find out THEY TOO will recant what they wrote years later???
it's enough to make ya crazy O_o........

Thank you again for the info....I look at it like this....everything in matter what it is...chocolate cake...a piece NOT THE CAKE...Chips...NOT THE amounts of everything is just fine.

I'll continue to drink my Soy Milk....just SLoooow down on my intake.....I tried the Almond and didn't care much for it wasn't BAD....I just prefer soy....

thanks where did you get all that infomation on phytates??
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An Albert Einstein quote comes to mind -  "A foolish faith in authority is the enemy of truth".  I'll send you the article on phylates. :)
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