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Detox Fasting

Hello all!  I'm having a lot of trouble kick starting my new life changes (eating healthy, exercising, etc.) and I thought maybe a fast was in order.  I read about a juice fast where you drink so many ounces every 30 minutes to an hour which keeps you from feeling too hungry and prevents your body from going into starvation mode and burning your muscle instead of fat.  It's a fast you do for 2-3 days max and some people say they feel a lot better and more energized afterward.  My biggest obstacles are over-eating and eating fast food all the time, so I thought I could do this fast for a weekend and then start fresh on Monday with the 5 mini-meal method instead of what I'm doing now.  Maybe this could help me break the habit of eating the way I do and get me working toward a healthy diet.  Has anyone tried this or know someone who has?  If so, what were your/their experiences?
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Intersting topic! Well..Havent treid this one you mention in particular but have fasted at a stretch for 30 days. Of course I break ma fast in the evenings and I shud admit it helped me feel much better. I know many wont agree with fasting but I did it not coz of health reasons or losing weight, it was a religeous thing.

Anyways you are right when you say eating healtyh and eating small prtions throguh out the day is the best way to go. Many are doing this and losing weight in this forum.I am sure when you start following a healthier meal plan and portion control you are going to see great results!
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