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Feeling a little confused?? *Sigh*
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Feeling a little confused?? *Sigh*

Ok so I thought I was doing good.. At the weight in earlier today I was at 182lbs.. and now later in the day I'm 184.. I know your weight is expected to go up and down some.. but also the other day.. I had my weight down to 178.6lbs at night when I checked and weighed myself in the morning and was all the way back up to 184. I didn't have anything to eat in between weighing and had ACTUALLY peed several times through the night so I actually GOT RID of some waste.. I just don't understand this.. It's very frustrating to think you have lost some weight and then the next day see that your right back almost to where you started. My weight now is jumped back up to 184lbs making for a grand total loss of only 1lb. What's going on here? I think my problem is that I am a scale ADDICT! And I probably check my weight way more then I should.. But it's so hard not to do it.. Any advice on this?
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Well...tjis is a sort of confusion I am quite familiar with on this board. The BIG Scale Dilemma! lol...

First of all weight loss doesnt necessarily be stricktly scales...You may be losing fat and building muscles so therefore you may not notice a significant weight loss on the scales. However if you take a measuring tape and start measuring and recording each week, you shud notice the inch losses.

Another thing is probably u shd check your scale. May be it is not giving you the right figures here. Measuring at the same time each day may help you figure out the problem here.

Dont be confused! You are doing an awesome job here my friend.
I am sure there are other women here who wud surely chip in to answer your question from a lady's perspective!
Hey, thanks for the information.. I'm thinking about trying to set a plan up.. maybe only weighing myself every couple of days.. or maybe if can stand it.. once a week.. I measured my inches yesterday and I will do them again this coming sat. or sun.. I think I'm just being to obsessive about it but it's just so tempting when you are working so hard you think to yourself well there has to be a change by now! lol. then you check and theres either non.. or you weigh even more! I dont eat any junk food besides 1 or 2 of the 100 calorie packs a day.. and I don't drink any soda.. only water.. and I have been eating the smart ones tv dinners for now.. They are healthy, low calories, and really good. I also exercise a few times a day.. So I think I'm doing everything right.. I just dont understand why or how your weight can go up and down so much in a single day lol.
I was just going to bed, but saw your sigh!  First, I agree with Skailark.  I always weigh the least first thing in the morning.  Period!

While I DO weigh every day, I only post my weight once/week on here.  I only record it once/month in "my little book" because of normal fluctuations.  

Remember, 1-2 pounds/week is actually the ideal weight loss goal.  SO, even if that's what you end up with (1 pound) - THAT'S GREAT!  Celebrate it and be glad it's one less to carry around.

You're doing super.  Hang in there.  We're here for you.  Thanks for shoutin' out!!!
Yeppers .. agree with the Skailark and Twehner .. (they are also know as Drill Sergeants .. lolll )

Whether you weigh daily, weekly or otherwise, it is a very personal choice.  I also choose to weigh daily and do so each morning upon awakening.  I go to the little girl's room, then get weighed in my birthday suit so there are no fluctuations.  This gives me a pretty accurate reading.  And, yes, there are some normal fluctuations.  So .. time to kick in the brain power .. :]  

The scale is only part of the barometer to measure our progress.  There are normal fluctions.  If you are eating correctly and moving .. and the scale goes up a pound .. no worry .. normal fluctuation and it will go down.  If you have been eating improperly and not moving and the scale goes up a pound .. time to rethink and adjust your plan for the day.  Perhaps selecting a banana instead of a 140 calorie snack or walking around the lake rather thank skipping exercise.  If the scale continue to go up a pound every now and then, time to holler for help in the community, reassess what you're doing and get a new plan of action.  Otherwise, the scale will go up and down a little but increasing head downward.  

Here's an article you may find helpful .. http://www.ranaesheart.com/2008/05/to-weigh-or-not-to-weigh-dreaded-scale.html

As twehner said .. thanks for shouting out .. we're glad to have you here!
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