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Gaining it back
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Gaining it back

Hi, I new here. I was hoping I could get some ideas about keeping the weight off.
I'm  on Interferon Treatments for the last 8 mo. I still have 4 mo. to go.
So far I have lost about 55 lbs. It is not an easy way to lose but that is the one good thing about the treatment.
I should not say that because the treatment seems to be working for me.
I was about 80 lbs over weight. I need some advice on keeping it off once I stop TX.
I still crave bad stuff.  I just do not want to put it back on. I was doing Weight Watchers before I started treatment.
Thanks, Deborah
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Id like to know the same thing. I have always been big, then about 4 years ago, just went way down. Lots 100lbs (yes I actually only weighed 100 lbs at one point but still wasnt happy, I somehow missed being fat, really. I wanted my skin to be plump rather that sagy, even if it ment to be fat. Well now Im back up there and hate it. (dont take me the wrong way, I never let myself go cuz I missed being fat, not at all, I just got fat again) Ive never been on pills of anything other than eating right and exercising , but I;m curious to this thing your doing. Can you find it in a pharmacy, without prescription?
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Hi Lucey12,
  I'm so sorry I did not explain better.
I'm on Interferon because of an illness I have. Hep.c.
The treatment is a form of chemo that kills the virus in my blood.
It can make a person very sick, nausea, fatigue, flu like symptons.
I don't eat much because I can't keep it down, or it just makes me sick.
I'm so sorry you mis-understood me.
On to more positive things. I would love to be an encourager to you.
We can encourage each other.
When I'm done with my treatment I'm afraid if I don't change old habits and thinking patterns I will put the weight right back on.
I  have some goals that I'm working towards for when I'm well and able.
   Best Regards, Deborah (beader).
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The trick is changing your complete lifestyle. If you are ready to do that then you should successfully keep the weight off.

Everything you have done to keep the weight off, you need to do for the rest of your life with the exception of calorie deficit and exercising as much as you do for the weight loss.

Obviously if you have been on a carb restrictive diet, don't keep up with this. It will backfire on you.

About two-three times a week of exercise is optimal for keeping the weight off once you have reached your goal.
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