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I"m 15 years old. I am around 279 pounds. For the past year or more i have Walked for 1 - 2 hours a day. I have cut down my calories to 1000 - 1500. I have dropped soda and any drinks but homemade ice tea and water with nothing added to it. I have cut down my proportion size a little at a time. I try to stay active but it is hard to do lately. When i was 11 i broke my right hip. I am an asthmaic. I did take pills that made me gain weight but my doc took me off of them years back. I have tryed andtryed again. to lose weight but everytime i walk into the doctors. I have gained weight. I am now afarid to walk into the doctors and step on the scale. I Have been tested for stuff like blood colesteral, diabedies, thyroid and etc. All came back either negative or just normal. PLease i need help to drop this weight.
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I think it wouldn't hurt to try Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Do a web search....you can get a free 11 day meal plan.

I started on it on June 27, 2011 and my starting weight was 226.8 lbs
I weighed in on July 2, 2011 and I have lost 10.4 lbs.  I've lost weight every day of the 6 days on it.

Good luck!
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You are not eating enough calories!!  Your body needs a certain amount of calories each day just to survive. If you don't take in enough calories, your body will hold onto fat stores you already have.  At your size, age and activity level, you need far more than 1000-1500.  

You need to calculate the number of daily calories your body requires, then cut back only about 500 calories or so.  
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FL4I is based on the Calorie Shifting Theory. When you start the FL4I diet plan you are
asked to choose your favorites from a large list. The list contains foods which have
been rated "Fat Burning Compatible". It’s easy for your metabolism to burn them
entirely and then switch to burning your fat tissue. No rice, pasta, white flour, sugar,
or any other of the higher glycemic empty carbs are in that list, because such foods
spike blood sugar and cause weight gain. Based on your food selection,
an 11-day diet plan is computed for you by an online software, the “Diet Generator”,
which can beaccessed from any computer at any time.

What Does the Diet Generator Do For You?
The Diet Generator:

•Shifts your calories every few days forcing fast weight loss to happen.

•It assigns a totally different diet menu every 11 days; this ensures even faster fat

More specifically, the Diet Generator:

•Creates for you a 4-meal-per-day menu for 11 days. Each meal consists of 2-3  
different foods.  

You can choose to eat only one or any combination of the 2-3 foods at each meal.

•Automatically inserts into your menu the right calories freeing you from ever having
to read food labels ever.

•Arranges the foods that you have selected so that your menu for each day is always
nutritionally balanced.

You get a 3 day “cheat period” after every 11 days on this diet.

At the end of each 11-day period, you have 3 cheat days where you can eat whatever
you want, even junk food if you wish. The only rule is that you should never eat so
much that you feel “full”.

You can then repeat the cycle (11 diet days plus 3 cheat days) immediately or at a
later time. You could lose up to 9 pounds in each cycle, although it’s not uncommon
for some to lose more in their first cycle.

Each time you start the cycle, you will be asked to select your favorite foods and then
you will be a given a new 11-day plan. You keep repeating the cycles until you have
reached your weight goal.

What is the purpose of the 3-day  “cheat period”?

•The cheat period is necessary to force more fat burning to take place during the next
11 day period, as explained below.
•It’s a physical and mental break. You give your body time to rest between cycles.
The Science Behind FL4Is’ Slimming Powers - The Calorie Shifting Technique

As you already know, a calorie deficit is necessary for fat loss to occur. Calorie deficit
is established in most diets by calorie restriction. Dieters are required to eat less than
they are used to. Although low calorie diets force some fat to be burnt initially, the
caloric deficit does not last for a long time, because your metabolism-the rate you
burn energy-is adjusted to your most recent eating habits. That means that your body
will soon adjust to a low calorie diet by decreasing its metabolism. A drop in the
metabolism diminishes and eventually eliminates the caloric deficit that was initially
created by the low calorie diet.  Therefore, fat loss soon reaches a minimal level and
eventually a screeching halt. This is why most low calorie diets do not work for a long
time. The question is, how can you create a calorie deficit without slowing down your

Fat Loss 4 Idiots creates a calorie deficit without slowing down your metabolism

This is where the Calorie Shifting technique of FL4I comes into play. Instead of cutting
your calories to a low number and keeping it there like most diets do, the shifting
calorie diet will alternate both the number of calories you eat each day and the types
of food that you eat. By doing that, it "tricks your body" and creates a negative calorie
balance, which results in fat loss, without slowing down your metabolism.

Three factors are critical in the FL4I diet:

1. The type of food.
This is a low glycemic index diet. Research shows that a low glycemic diet is the
healthiest way to lose weight. And those who follow a good low glycemic diet are at a
significantly lower risk for two major killer diseases, heart disease and type 2
diabetes. Furthermore, the foods used in the FLFI diet lower the levels of the fat-
storing hormone insulin and favor the production of fat burning hormone glucagon.

This is a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) which you can find
abundantly in the various nuts and oatmeal on the FL4I’s food list.  Numerous
scientific studies have proven that  MUFAs are very strong allies in your weight loss

2. The number of meals per day.
You eat 4 meals a day, every 2.5-3.5 hours. This keeps your blood sugar levels
relatively constant which means cravings for foods are greatly decreased.

3. The amount of calories you eat every day.
Not all days in the FL4I diet have the same amount of calories. Each of the 11-day
cycles that the Diet Generator computes includes two low calorie days where you eat
mainly vegetables and fruits. This is when most fat is burnt.
What Is The Purpose Of The Two Fruit-And-Vegetable Days?
The FLFI diet alternates low and high calorie days. Specifically, during the 11-day
cycle your metabolism is shocked by two low calorie fruit-and vegetable days. These
short low calorie intervals take advantage of the high metabolism that has been
established in the preceding 4 days. They result in a significant calorie deficit that
leads to immediate fat loss. The  low calorie intervals occur on the 2nd and the 8th  
day of the cycle and last for only half day and one day respectively, so that
there will not be enough time for the body to adjust by lowering its metabolism.

What are the General Rules of the FL4I  program?

1.You should eat until you feel “satisfied” but you should never stuff yourself full or
else the diet will not work as effectively. When you finish eating you should still have
“some room leftover”.

2.You may eat your 4 Daily Meals in ANY order and at ANY time, as long as you wait at
least 2 ½ hours between meals.

3.You can drink: Diet Sodas, Coffee, Tea, Water

4.Only certain condiments are allowed.

5.You must drink at least 10 glasses of water every day

6.You are allowed a maximum ONE GLASS of wine per day
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Be careful about trying a fad diet as a still growing, still developing 15-year-old. While the Fat Loss for Idiots is working wonders for some, I would be SO careful at your age. Please get your parent's blessing and your doctor's before you would pursue this or ANY fad diet.

Even though you have been tested for all those health concerns you mentiond, I wonder if you actually saw a specialist or if it was "just" your family doctor. If you have insurance and if it allows, I would recommend that you see an endocrinologist. These specialists are much better at teasing out metabolic disorders that might be borderline.

When you look into dieting and starvation mode, however, you will see what Barb135 is referring to.  When calories are restricted too much, your body does drastically slow down your metabolism and weight loss is impossible.  

The theory of a diet plan like the one Rachelle mentioned with the calorie shifting does work.  HOWEVER, at your age, I wouldn't recommend it without your doctor's approval.  

The same principal applies to exercise:  mix it up.  Do not always do the same exercise - "confuse" your body by doing different things for a while.  

Good luck to you.  You write with much maturity and I feel your pain.  I feel this "weight you bear" has aged you, and I wish I could help more.  Keep posting and tell us how you are doing.  

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