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I am a MESS!
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I am a MESS!

I haven't stopped eating now for 2 weeks. using every holiday, event...what have you the reason to eat for the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK.  I know that I have gained every pound back. I know  I have.  I won't get on a scale.  It is now memorial day, and I feel like a complete mess!  How can I motivate myself to start over????
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Suzi!  Get on the scale first thing in the morning.  Not getting on will not change what the facts are--you weigh what you weigh, whether you acknowledge it or not.  
You need to get on there, face what's happened, and start getting a grip.  

Chances are the damage is not as bad as you think, anyway.  If you let this slide continue, then a couple of bad weeks will be followed in short order by a couple of bad months, and then you'll be right back in the same pattern.

Get right back on it, Suzi.  Don't let 5 or 10 pounds become 50 pounds in a couple of years.  Nip it in the bud.  This happens to everyone, but it will only become a problem if you allow it to become a problem.

Have you considered doing Core?  Its the one thing that has saved my a$$.  I can eat, not count, and know that I'm getting what I need.  And I can have some goodies, too...occasionally.  Might be worth a 2 week try.  I can give you specifics if you would like.
When I follow it well, I do not have too many cravings.  

Hugs.  You can do it!

Thanks peek...I will get on the scale first thing tomorrow morning...I promise!  This day was already ruined...but I will still try to control myself.  I feel so crummy.  Physically and emotionally...UGH!  The problem with core is that I eat to much of everthing!  I use it as an excuse to keep eating because it is healthy!  Give me some suggestions...maybe I will try it again...tell me what to do!
Its pretty hard to really eat too much on Core, although it can certainly happen.  The food is fairly plain.  I explain it to people this way:  If you have some yummy, gooey, cheesey lasagna, its really easy to eat a ton, because its soooo delicious.

Faced with a plained grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies, and perhaps some mashed potatoes made with chicken broth....you are really not tempted to say its soooo good you have to eat several servings.  See what I mean?  The food on Core can be...plainer, for lack of a better word.  You simply aren't driven to overeat the way you would be with say, a cheesy ham casserole or something similar.  

And when you only have 35 points a week, you won't want to blow those points on chips or candy so much.  When you have those 35 staring at you to "spend", you'll want to have an apple or FF yogurt (0 points) vs a little cookie (2 or 3 points).  The apple or yogurt fills you up a bit more.  You'll want to learn what you can cook to use as few points as possible, so that you can enjoy the things you simply "have" to have (wine, for me!)

Here's a typical Core day.  

B--omelet (spray pan with Pam) with diced canadian bacon, chopped tomatoes, and FF or soy cheese, 1 pt toast, coffee.  
L--salad with tons of veggies, grilled chicken breast, olive oil (2 tsp, no points) and vinegar.  Nice glass of cold FF milk.
sn--94% popcorn (the whole bag, if you want and need it)
D--Grilled sirloin steak, baked potato with FF sour cream and Butter Buds, roasted sugar snap peas (my fav, takes 5 minutes in the oven).  
Have dessert later--a cup of FF yogurt with splenda and vanilla over sliced strawberries.

Thats an entire day for 1 pt, Suzi.  I defy you to say you would be hungry eating that.  Nor would you eat several steaks for dinner.  I eat my meal, then go clean up.  If I'm still hungry, I have something else, like fruit or cottage cheese.  If there are leftovers, I might have a bit more.  But do wait at least 15 minutes after your first serving is done before choosing to have more.  

If you still wanted a cookie or two, or wine, you could still have them.  But of course, you'll be mindful of your 35 points a week allowance.  And you can earn activity points if you need them.

If you work the plan, the plan will work!  If you cheat, you are cheating yourself.  

I just enjoy not counting every bite I eat, and figuring out what I can eat that doesn't "cost" me much pointwise.  Yesterday, the only points I used were for the bread and the wine I had later.  I keep cookies, candy, chips out of the house entirely since they are big triggers for me.  For snacks, its fruit, yogurt, popcorn, or cottage cheese.  If I want "pointy" snacks, I have Laughing Cow cheese on high fiber crackers, or hummus on veggies or something else.  

Its creative, fun, filling, and good for you.  You'll feel better, I promise!
Thanks! I think I may try it that way!  I have a few frozen dinners and stuff left plus I will have to get tot he supermarket....so here is my plan.


Go on flex plan until the weekend. (need to get the motivation going)
Shopping Saturday morning.

Core plan starting SUNDAY.

OK....I put it in writing....now I will DO IT!
Sounds like a great plan!  I strongly encourage you to go visit the Core board on WW to lurk and get ideas.
Remember though, that no frozen commercial dinners are Core, though you can eat them up until you start your week.  I usually make enough to have leftovers that I can freeze in individual portions.  
I'll post my Core Chili here today, it makes a ton, and you can literally eat ALL you want of it.  Spicy, filling, and good.  

I'm psyched for you!  Read your materials really closely for the details of Core, such as the things you can only have once a day without counting points (ground meats, potatoes, rice, cold cereals)
You guys are the best.  Susan,  I am right in the boat with you....yesterday was tough for me.  Somehow when I gather with my family for celebrations it's a free for all and all logic and points go out the window.  Today I decided enough is enough and I put on a tight pair of jeans (that I was hoping to fit into by now) and I am making it literally uncomfortable to overeat today.  When I want to reach for goodies I have my very own muffin top overflowing my waist band as a reminder to not overindulge.  My week begins anew on Thursday so I think that I am going to switch to the Core plan then for at least two weeks to see how it goes.  I do need to shake things up a bit.    
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