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Pls answer. need help losing weight
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Pls answer. need help losing weight

Im 20 yrs old female im 5'2 i weigh 175 lbs (the most ive ever weighed) ive always weighed from 130-140.
is it posible to lose 35-45 pounds in 12 weeks? ive cut back on sugars and calories i walk 2 hours a day from 5-7 miles. Any suggestions on diets?
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Hi boo07.

It's possible, but what's the idea? You know it's too fast and not so safe.
Two Lbs weekly is the recommended upper limit. Any more and:
1. It is too drastic for your body and may have health consequences.
2. It is usually not sustainable. Most people will gain the weight back (plus more) in a relative short time after the initial loss.

  Weight loss alone is not a good indicator. Fat loss should be the target.
Muscle weighs more than fat and takes less space, so go by dress or pants size, to be more fair to yourself.
Cut also on carbs in general, but don't overdo it. Extreme changes don't
necessarily bring good results. Easy does it!
Eat slowly and mindfully. Savour each bite of food. You will digest better,
you will be easier satisfied and your metabolism will improve.
Also consider virgin coconut oil in place of other oils and fats as it
Boosts metabolism, does not store as fat and  is the healthiest
oil on earth with amazing therapeutic benefits! Visit the coconut research center website for details.

Add some light-medium weight/resistance training 3-4 times weekly.
Drink plenty of spring or filtered water (not  from plastic bottles) daily,
one hour away from meals.

You have made a good start. Follow the suggested ideas, do also some visualization and meditation daily (do a YouTube search), and your on your way to a healthier and leaner body! Just don't rush it.
While muscle does take up less space than fat, I have to disagree that muscle weighs more than fat, otherwise nikodecretia has given you some excellent advise.  

Fat takes up more space than muscle, because it's not as dense; however, a pound is a pound, no matter what the molecules consist of.  Fat and muscle can be compared to feathers and a stone.........  think what a large bundle a pound of feathers (fat) is, compared to the size of a one pound stone (muscle); quite a difference, because fat molecules are "fluffy" and loosely packed, while the stone molecules are densely packed.

Because the pound of muscle takes up less space than the pound of fat, you will be able to wear smaller clothes.

Barb, you surprised me with this remark.
  Muscle weighs more than fat...for the same volume!
And this is IMPLIED when we make such a reference.
Even a firstgrader should understand that a pound of fat of course weighs the same as a pound of muscle and a pound of flour for that matter.
The main point is that fat is unhealthy.
So when you replace a pound of fat with muscle, you will be much slimmer  and HEALTHIER even without experiencing any weight loss!
Your body shape will improve, it will help increase your strength,
raise your  metabolism  at rest, protect your joints and bones from Injuries
and you will feel better overall.
The term "weight loss" is inaccurate and therefore I made this distinction,
in order to offer more useful and helpful information.
All good!

My question was if its possible, im not over doing it or even starving myslef, im eating healthy and most of my weight gain is because of birth control, i do walk 2 hours a day which usually add ups to 6-7 miles.
My body feels great while im walking and after it feels even better, im not sore, ive always been the active type.
Safe weight loss is considered to be 1-2 pounds/week; you're talking about losing at twice that rate, which means you'd have to use pretty drastic measures.

Anything is possible, though, if you work hard enough at it....... whether it's healthy and in your best interest, is a whole other matter.  At 20 years old, you have a long life ahead of you, and unless you adopt lifestyle changes that you will stick with from now on, there's a good chance you would regain the weight, and have to do it all over again.  Yo-yo dieting can have long term ill effects on your health, which you  may not realize until you are older.

You'd be much better off to try to loose at a safer rate.

Niko -- I didn't mean to surprise you or to be argumentative.  All I meant to point out is that a pound is a pound, no matter what molecules something is  made of (yes, to most of us that seems obvious).  That's why I used the comparison of a pound of feathers, to a pound of stone...... the one pound stone (muscle) would be much smaller (more densely packed) than the pound of fluffy feathers (fat), but they still both weigh a pound.  

I fully understand what you meant, because of the volume of each, but I really have had people - yes, grown ups who should know better - actually tell me (and believe it) that a "pound of  muscle weighs more than a pound of fat"...figure that one out!!.  So when we say "muscle weighs more than fat", I always fear that it gives the wrong impression.

Everything else you said it SO true......... but we wouldn't want people to stop exercising, thinking that by replacing fat with  muscle, they will end weighing more, would we?

Barb, you are so right that some grown-ups can't get certain basic facts straight.
I should know better, as I deal in therapy with all kinds of  people and situations. (i.e.: "my sister's boyfriend works in a gym, so he's connected and he can get me XYZ pills -illegal- and I can lose weight and get a buzz at the same time. Should I take them with meals and would they help with my anxieties? the buzz I will get, should kill the anxieties, right?")

boo07, you may want to talk to your prescribing doctor, to look at alternatives or changes to your birth control. Your thyroid and  adrenals  (endocrinological system) may be affected by the b/c pills , IUD or patch, so for sure this should be checked out. Excessive weight gain as a side effect, could have some serious long term consequences.
A University of Massachusetts study found that women on low-dose Pills didn't gain any more pounds than women in the control group, without any loss of birth control effectiveness!
Sounds that you are doing great with everything else.
Wishing you well.
Totally agree with Niko about getting hormone levels tested.  I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis/hypothyroidism and losing weight is VERY difficult, if not nearly impossible for me, without nearly starving to death.

Niko -- I knew you'd understand, once I explained myself.  I don't need a buzz, just to lose the weight!! LOL      
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