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This is the second thread regarding our weekly weigh ins.  Please be sure you complete the "SUNDAY WEIGH IN" and YOUR WEIGHT TRACKER.

In this thread, we can all share how our week has gone and discuss things that worked and our successes .. as well as those we had difficulty or struggled with.  

This can be a powerful post to all of us!  Let's all work to support each other and learn to enjoy this amazing journey we're on!
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TOLD YA SO....that my weight was playing yo-yo!  I weighed BEFORE I ate a terrible breakfast, too!  I lost 2 pounds since the last weigh-in...was that 2 or 3 days ago?

We've been busy getting ready for my parents visit, which will be for a month.  If you see a post I started a little while ago, it talks about late-night snacking.  MAYBE MY FATIGUE HAS A PLUS SIDE....I haven't been snacking at night at all - I've been SLEEPING!!!!

But, I might wake up tomorrow and have put on 4 pounds.  That's how my weight has been over the last couple of months.  Since I 'fessed up to the donuts (it was 2!), I'm not expecting any pity, either!!!!  That's what I get.  I DO plan on being busy the rest of the day and for the next DAYS with the end of the school year (and my job for the summer).

I might be scarce around here - I won't know.  This is my first summer since discovering MH.  We'll just have to see.........
I already ranted on the other post, so I'll spare you guys.  

I would like to say that at this time, I won't do the weigh-ins to report weekly changes.  I know I probably can't lose weight at this time, and I don't think it would benefit me or the community to report my frustration!  

I "came clean" about my gain on other posts, and I'm being honest and diligent in keeping my trackers.  So I'm not quitting or letting go, just taking my own path for awhile.
Well here I am.  Been an up and down week here with the weight as well, mostly down, but then luck would have it back up this morning.  No matter.  Small loss since the first weigh-in for me this week (0.1 lbs), small, but mine and I take it.  ; )  

No worries wonko buddy....you are not alone.  Sometimes we all have to take our own path....the most important part is that you are not quitting.  I know how frustrating it can be....but the ganas (desire) is ultimately more important in the end results.  

So....in order to get myself back on the track....hehehe.....made me an accountability buddy and am working hard to break two of my worst habits.  1) Not eating during the day, 2) Large regular soda habit.....Today I ate my breakfast and switched to diet.  I know that ultimately I should be drinking little to no soda, but this is a baby step and I'll just keep on stepping.  
I'm with wonko - no commitments and weigh ins.. I'm not quitting either, but like wonko, I have to take my own path for a while.  I'll meet ya'll on the other side of this battle.  Good luck.  
Holy moly!! I do not know how I managed to loose 4 lbs last week!!! I'm trilled, but have no clue how!!! I'm glad too see we are doing the Sunday weigh in here again...the room was "lonely" here on Sunday's without it!
As for me, I believe you all know of the personal struggles I've had this year .. and I briefly lost track of my goals and returned to emotional eating for comfort and companionship.  As we all know .. the comfort and companionship we feel when our tummies are full .. is very temporary and really does not address the problems underneath.  For those of you who may not know .. I've admitted it quite publicly ..  http://www.ranaesheart.com/2009/05/weight-loss-reality-and-accountability.html

I gained approximately 20 pounds and have now lost more than half of them .. and that is the greatest thing I have to report to you.  Before learning to believe in myself and having this community for support, I would have kept on eating until I reached my maximum weight and then some.  It is a thrill to know that I am in control of this, can stop it, turn it around and reach my goal .. WE ALL CAN!  

This week, I lost 3 pounds .. but expect the last one may come up again before staying off for good .. that is how it is in weight loss.

NOW ... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!  ***Bursting with PRIDE for each of YOU!!!***

Wonder if you give yourselves enough credit for where you are, where you began and all you've accomplished to get Here!  In fact, going to go start a post about "What Lessons Have You Learned So Far?"  ...  it may be good for us to reflect and give ourselves "kuddos" .. and help others with some first hand knowledge.

ELAINE1961 - Thanks soooo much for posting your weight .. and I have a special post coming just for you re body image.  Hang in there sweetie .. you are doing amazing work and making healthy choices!  

TWEHNER5 - You always speak so honestly and refreshingly about yourself and when giving caring support to your teammates.  I'm not sure I can say it as eloquently as you do .. but I'll take a stab at it.  When I am yo-yoing up and down, it usually means one of two things .. 1.  There is an issue underneath that I am not acknowledging and dealing with to resolve OR 2.  I am afraid of the success or reaching the next level.  You may want to consider if either of these may be applicable OR if it is just because you are so close to your goal weight.  As for the donut thing (x2 .. lol .. you are just so honest and accountable) ... forget it .. it is done.  TODAY is a new day!  Each meal after that type of choice is an opportunity to change it .. so Live Your Dream!

WONKO & BARB135 - You both are a Championship Fighters .. and are working on several fronts to be healthy and fit .. and I wholeheartedly Applaud YOU, Your Determination and Perseverance!  May I suggest you look at your entire journey and see how well you have done .. and give yourself the amazing credit you deserve.  Lesser people would have quit but you show great tenacity and self-awareness.  THAT is a Huge Lesson!  I would like to suggest that you find a "buddy" to be accountable to .. in good times and bad ... we can all use the support and friendship.  I didn't and I gained 20 pounds .. I will not make that mistake again.

LUCINDAMARTINEZ - As you very well know, ups and downs are akin to this journey ... and we most definitely need to celebrate every victory we achieve!!!  Going up and down is normal .. and then finally the down sticks .. and then that pounds wavers a bit up and down till it stays down.  That's why none of us should get too concerned at up to a 2 pounds weight fluctuation if weighing at the same time of day in the same clothes.  If it goes to 3, we need to reevaluate our food, portions and exercise.  The FOOD TRACKER will be just the tool we need in helping us with this .. and that, hopefully, will be here before the end of June!  

MSNIKI412 -  CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!  YOU ALONE made the choices and did the work to succeed.  There are weeks where you can lose 4 pounds and weeks that hold even or you lose 1 pound .. celebrate them all as they are a testament to the work you are doing!  SOOO Proud of YOU!  

I, too, am glad to have the Sunday posts return .. and am glad I am finally feeling well enough to post again.  Thank you for saying so.

CHEYENNE_08 - Am thilled you posted your weight in the other thread .. and hope you will let us know how you are doing each week as well.  Sooo looking forward to you and LucindaMartinez regarding running and training!  

(((Hugs))) to ALL of you!!!    Now don't forget to shout out .. we have soooo much to talk about!
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