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Steroid Usage
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Steroid Usage


I just spent the weekend supporting my son participating in a level 4 bodybuidling contest.  He is only 20 years old.  He participated in his first contest in April 2007.  He won 2nd (only two participants) and I could tell how disappointed he was.  I was visiting him during the subsequent holidays and inadvertently found a syringe and knew that it was associated with steroid usage.  I took my time before I brought it to my son's attention that I knew he was using steroids.  It was technically too late to try to exert influence because he was already on a scheduled cycle.  I was able to stay calm and he did share with me that he did two cycles of steroids that included:  Testosterone; (EQ) Equiopose; Oral Turanaol; DECCA; HCG; gasix dieuretics.  There is a chance that my son ommitted some ingredient because he knows I will look it up and he does not want me to worry.  Besides the person getting him these products I am the only one that knows and he wants to negotiate with me that I will keep things a secret from everyone else in his life.  He is also a student in college and has had problems with his grades and he is on a prescription of Adderell.  He was developmentally tested in 5th grade and has ADHD tendencies.  His Father and I did not want to use prescription drugs while he was in primary school but now his grades are critical with him getting into the school at the University that he desires.  I was hoping that something would happen this weekend with the contest he participated in that would allow him to decide that he does not want to continue down this path.  There were 3 contestants in his weight class and David placed 3rd place.  I could tell he was disappointed and he wants to continue pursuing this hobby.  I want to educate my son about the addiction aspects of what he is choosing.  I want to have a calm conversation with him and help him think through questioning himself "If you choose any hobby in the world why are you choosing something that is a felony, that you have to hide from everyone in your life?"  Addiction is hereditarily prevalent on both sides of my son's family.  I am free from all addictions and very much want to guide my son to have freedom from all addictions.  I am trying to not stress out because I believe all kids experiment at his age.  He did gain 30 lbs. of muscle from his steroid usage.  But it is a lure that ultimately will take him nowhere.  Can you think of any ideas, facts, research, etc that can help me parent my 20 year old son?  Thank you for your support!

Mary LaPlante
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From my profile, and from my heart:

I have wasted my life in the pursuit of attaining what the huge men of my earlier years had. And sadly enough, the professional "body builders" of today are much larger, stronger and more defined than those from the 70's, 80's and early 90's due to the radical advancements in Anabolic Steroids and other growth hormone and manipulation drugs, all of which have given rise to what I like to call, "FITNESSFATAL." The beginning of the end, as it were.

Trust me when I tell you, there is no life in anabolic steroid abuse. Not even for the pro body builder, whose average career only lasts 10 to 15 years, has the choice to use such engineered mechanisms been truly worth the effort.

I have been training for now, nearly 28 years. Although I have not been "100%" in my training and dieting for that time, I still am very proud of myself, as well as amazed, at the progress I have made through the years, as a natural body builder. And I wouldn't have had it any other way, to be honest.

In 1998 I competed in a natural body building contest against a friend of mine whom was a long time testosterone and equipoise user. I weighed in at 179 pounds with a little less than 6% body fat. Eddie, my friend weighed 177 with around 4.5% body fat. I was bigger, overall, than Eddie. My brother recorded the meet. When I watched it for the first time, the very next day, I couldn't believe what I saw. I was so much larger than Eddie. It was incredible. All that work and money, on his part, didn't pay off...so to speak. I say this because he did win. But, only because of his lower body fat count. That's all.
And to this day, 10 years and 3 weeks later, I am still larger than he is. I weigh 220 pounds and he is about 195. And he still utilizes testosterone, equipoise and now winstrol.

To sum it all up, I would encourage you and your son to read my profile for this site.
The bottom line is that there is no end once this type of lifestyle is picked up. There is just as great an emotional side effect, not roid rage, to this as there is physical. And although the jury is still out on the ill side effects of "usage," it is a well known fact that "abuse" can cause severe, irreversible side effects. Such is the case for the governor of California.

Consider all arguments...yours, your son's, the non-biased medical field and those of people like myself, as you ponder your heart's truest desires for size and strength. And remember, just as the world was not created in a day, there is no truthful ascention to personal satisfaction without honest, hard work.
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