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weight loss with pcos
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weight loss with pcos

Hi i'm 26 years old and WAY over weight, i don't really eat all that much is there any foods that are filling and that can help lose some lbs, i have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome i know that one of the symptoms is weight gain, and another is hard to lose weight. i need help and cannot do it alone, obviously its been 13 years being overweight.
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Well im no doctor but i know that no matter what exercising is really good for your body.and as for your poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.. is there things you can no eat ? I would try weight watchers...even though your taking medicine that will do everything in its power to not make you lose weight.

have you asked your doctor if theres other types of medicine you could take..?or what does your doctor suggest to lose the weight..

wait wait.... nevermind porbably..."limit your calories to 500 less and blah blah blah ...thats what was said to me when i tried losing weight 5 years ago...soo

i would try to eat a very clean diet...like fruits and veggies....

   egg white and greek yogart,or oatmeal have 2 out of 3

morning snack.
     turkey slices

whole wheat bread
and gornala bar



chicken 4 oz
brown rice 1 cup

try that and if you do let me know...if u have any success
and just reminding you...i aint a doctor so if dont work
please dont be mad at me..
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With PCOS, you have some cards stacked against you, but that doesn't mean losing weight is impossible.

I did a little reading on PCOS, and it looks like the cause of weight gain is insulin resistance, which means sugar and carbohydrates are your enemy.

But instead of jumping into a low carb, no sugar diet, I suggest you do some homework first and research foods that have a low glycemic index. These are the foods you want to eat. (This diet works for anybody, really, but it may be especially effective for you.)

You can find this information free by Googling "Low glycemic index foods."

Second, start counting calories. This is NOT fun. But it's free and effective. It just takes time. Now, remember, I don't want you to actually cut calories just yet, just start counting. You may be eating more than you think by the food choices you're making. Or you may be eating less than you think. We don't know until we have those calories tallied.

But let's say you add up your calories for 5 days and discover you're eating, on average, 2400 calories a day.

The next question to ask yourself is: Am I gaining weight while eating this many calories? Or am I staying the same?

If you're staying the same, that makes 2400 calories your maintenance calorie limit. The easy way to lose about a pound a week is to cut 500 calories from your daily intake. This would mean you'd want to stick around 1900 calories if you're not exercising.

If you add exercise, you'll burn more calories and give yourself a little more room when it comes to eating. This, plus eating low glycemic index foods will help with weight loss. And it shouldn't feel too much like punishment either. (If you feel like you're starving the first couple days, then gradually reduce your calorie intake instead of jumping into it.)

If you add up your calories and figure out you're eating below 2000 a day, then the problem may be how and what you're eating.

I don't know your height and weight, so I can't give you your TDEE, but here's a nifty calculator that I always link.


If you discover that you're eating well below what this calculates, then the lack of weight loss may be endemic of PCOS, which means you don't need to cut back on how much you're eating but instead eat better, like the low glycemic index foods. Eat breakfast, smaller meals, get more fiber, that kind of thing.

And if you can stand it, like TinaTO said, add exercise if possible. It's easy to go out and walk or do strength-training at home by using water bottles. It takes initiative, but it will also make you feel great. Too many people only use exercise for weight loss, but it has a 100 other benefits, such as making you look younger, improving your skin, your body shape, improving your mood, helping you sleep better, and staving off illnesses. That's just a few.

Lastly, I know you can do this! It'll be a challenge especially with the PCOS, but imagine if you can overcome it?
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Actually, PCOS and insulin resistance are 2 separate issues, but they often go hand in hand, and OytheGreat has some very good advice, regarding the low glycemic foods.  

Another thing you might want to consider is getting your thyroid levels checked.  Hypothyroidism often accompanies PCOS.  Ask your doctor to test TSH, Free T3 and Free T4, at the very least, but it would also be good to test for thyroid antibodies to check for the autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
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Thank you all for helping me and responding! I will try one thing at a time, because if i try all i will fail miserably. but you all have very good ideas thank you again  
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I am not a doctor either.  I'm looking into plastic surgery and lap belts, myself.  I'm tired of being over-weight, and it's been going on for years.  I've checked for things like hypothyroidism.  Not my case.  I hope you find something to help, Steffie.  
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