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what more can i do????
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what more can i do????

I am 22 five foot three and a half and last time i weighed myself, a few months ago, i weighed 164 pounds...i know ive lost since then, i lost an inch in my waist. my trouble is, its so hard to lose weight, or even gain...i just sustain...in order to lose the weight that i did i had to juice fast for three days! i did it healthfully, i drank three glasses of REAL juice a day and i also had a protein shake twice a day so my muscles wouldnt atrophe. i also worked out a lot while i was doing it, i started lifting weights and im doing more crunches and cardio. but it seems as though when i eat, no matter what i eat, i dont lose weight. i dont want to be annorexic, there is no need for that id rather be fat than annorexic, but seriously...that is the only way ive been able to lose weight at all in the past year that ive been trying. ive worked out three time a week while eating really well and not a pound...well...no i think lost two pounds.....anyway...im getting off track...the thing is, i dont think im fat. my mother seems to always have a way of reminding me how skinny my brother is and how he lost all his weight....to be honest i think he looked better before the weight loss now hes got a 26 inch waist at 5 foot 6 and 26 years old. but i dont think im fat, i think my husband would probably like me to be a bit tighter but he doesnt think im fat...i have a 31 inch waist, which im told for my body type is perfectly healthy. i just would like to be a bit smaller....i just dont think i have ever looked as big as i actually weigh....when i was a size three 24 inch waist, i still weighed 120-130 lbs! at a size 6 i was at 140 150 and now at a 8/10 im somewhere in the low 160s im sure...if not in the high 150s God willing hahaha.....anywho...after that long winded explanation...sorry about that....my question is.....does anyone know why i could be so "heavy" for how i look? and is there anything more i could do to lose weight, stay motivated, and acomplish my goal of being a size 6 again....or at least a 28 to 30 inch waist???? help??? i dont want to be fasting every couple weeks just to lose weight...fasting is something that ive heard you shouldnt do more than a few times a year...so i really want to stay a healthy as possible. help! thank you.
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Using the BMI calculator found on this website, your height of 63.5 inches and last recorded weight of 164 puts you at a BMI of 28.6.  This is well in to the overweight category.

LIsten--I'll be honest.  The first thing you have to do is get on a scale.  Today.  You can't change what you don't acknowledge.  Tiptoe-ing around ("the last time I weighed myself was several months ago") won't help you accomplish your goal.

Add the Weight Tracker to your profile, if you haven't done so already.  Its all about accountability.  Don't lie to yourself, and you'll be far ahead of the game.

Then make a food journal.  If you bite it, write it.  Write down everything you eat, and how much you eat of it.  Every nibble of a cookie, every single thing that goes in to your mouth.  Do this for a week before doing anything else.  If you are anything like me, you'll be in for a rude awakening.  I never counted nibbles, bites, or tastes of foods and snacks.  These can account for HUNDREDS of calories every day--BIG dieting pitfall.  
Write everything down.  At the end of the week, take a good, hard look at what you are eating.  Usually, the answer to "why can't I lose weight" is right in front of you.

If you are truly eating well and in a healthy manner, and in reasonable amounts, and you can't lose weight...a visit to to the doctor is indicated to be sure you don't have an underlying condition that makes it difficult.

I'm not personally a big fan of fasting, although many people do this occasionally and enjoy a healthy feeling from it.  Certainly, fasting should not be overdone.  

So start journaling exactly what you eat.  Get on a scale, today.  Acknowledge what you weigh, collect data by recording what you currently eat, and then together, we'll all help you plan your attack!  
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Hi Sweetie ~ Congratulations for sharing your story and reaching out for answers and support; it is the first step in your success and implementing your "can do" attitude!!!  Give yourself a BIG HUGGGG ... Very well done!!!

With all due respect and the very best intentions, please allow me to make the following suggestions.  In making the dietary changes to make a long-term lifestyle change, a balanced diet is recommended.  This would include eating foods from all the food groups with a focus on lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish), fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains (rye, wheat, wild rice).  A diet consisting of juice and protein is simply not a long-term plan and I would, gently, suggest you consider turning away from that type of plan.  What tells us that it doesn't work is that it is not sustainable and that weight comes on when you stop it.  

According to your age, height, weight and sex, and based on an active activity level (includes at least 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week, or 20 minutes of vigorous activity at least 3 days a week), your maintenance caloric intake is 2,250.  If you reduce it by 500 calories a day, bringing it to 1,750 calories a day, you should be able to lose 1 lb per week.  This is a safe manner to lose weight and would allow you to reach your goal weight of approximately 145 pounds (19 pounds/12 %) by 01/05/09.  You could also start out at 1,400 calories and adjust your caloric intake dependent upon your results.  I would highly suggest you do not go below 1,400 so that your body does not enter starvation mode.

Journaling is most beneficial as it will allow you to monitor your calories and makes you responsible for everything you eat.  By adding your emotions to each meal, you will be able to see if you have a correlation between increased food intake and a particular emotion or two.  This will help you create a plan of action to counteract emotional eating if it is an issue.

I've lost a great deal of weight (147 lbs) and at a current weight of 183 lbs, I don't look like I weigh that much.  I still fall into the obese category and have set my goal for another 29 pounds to enter the normal range.  This is being done for my health, not my size.  In the same manner, I would suggest that you view your weight similarly.  At a BMI of 28.6, your BMI is in the overweight category (25-29.9).  The normal range is 18.5-24.9.  

As for motivation, let health be your primary motivator.  However, we all need positive thoughts, affirmations, support and friends to succeed in our personal weight loss journeys.  Here's a story that helped me make the choices for my health ... hope it helps you as well ...

ONE evening, and old Cherokee told his grandson about the eternal battle that goes on inside people.

He said, “My boy, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.”

“One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.”

“The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, tolerance, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The boy thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee replied, “The one you feed.”

So, with Sunshine wishes, I ask you to adjust your thinking cap to allow for the soul searching and self-examination that leads to the self-improvement of both mind and body. Move forward with a newfound commitment in motivating yourself towards your success and “Feed the Good Wolf!”

It is the journey of YOUR lifetime!   Here to help ...


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thank you guys, this info is really helpful...i like the idea of consuming less calories...with exercise. i like that i can track, one pound a week as a goal...its doable you know? instead of 20 lbs! thank you both!
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Most DO-ABLE ... slow and steady ... like the tortoise and the hare!!!   Try to enjoy the journey!  The knowledge we gain, the self-confidence that is developed and getting to know ourselves more intimately is an awesome benefit of the transition to a healthier lifestyle!!!

Besides, in making a goal of 1 lb a week, instead of 20 lbs, you get to celebrate your success 20 times!!!  

All the best ...  Ranae
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