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Hi.  I have inadvertently eliminated most fats from my diet and was wondering how potentially dangerous this is.

I have lost 11.5 kg over eight weeks (2.5 kg last week).  I'm struggling a little with finding the right balance between energy in and energy out.  I have been running for seven weeks and have completed two 96 minute runs this week.

Could decreased fat intake affect my immunity?  I have the flu for the second time in six weeks (when I rarely ever get it).

Thanks for your time.

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I'd recommend against eliminating fat from your diet.  There are lots of healthy fats out there from things like fish and nuts that reduce your cardiovascular risk.  These fats do have calories, but research suggests that consuming more of these healthy fats will tend to keep people fuller for longer, and ultimately promote weight loss by limiting intake of high carb treats.  I remember in the early 1990's when there was a big swing in favor of eating low/no fat cookies, candies etc. and people were frustrated to find that they actually gained weight.

That's a pretty impressive weight loss, and it's possible that it's even a little too aggressive - running for an hour and a half shows a lot of discipline, but you definitely need the appropriate calories so that you feel okay the other 22.5 hours of the day!

Poor nutrition in general can result in decreased immunity.  It's also flu season though, so it's hard to draw conclusions.  Take care and best of luck with this!
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Thanks for your response.
I guess I have been hesitant about adding even healthy fats to my diet while I have been trying to lose weight.  It can be difficult trying to adjust that mindset where weight loss and healthy lifestyle isn't about exclusion but about balance and flexibility.

I'll try increasing my 'oily' fish and possibly nut intake.  That may decrease the need to add healthy fats to cooking and salads, etc (for the short-term).  Maybe just doing one at a time will help me get over this mental hurdle.

After posting this question last night I did binge eat.  And although there are only mainly healthy foods in the house most of it was high carb.
Eating low fat (especially saturated fat) food options could be the reason I sometimes feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.
It sounds like I need to give a lot more thought to what I am eating.

I guess in the later stages of weight loss it may be more realistic to lower the amount of weight lost each week.  Maybe 500 g is a more appropriate goal for me now.
I think the aggressiveness comes from having a goal and really wanting to achieve it.
My GP suggested running for stress relief.  I don't think I could ever run far or fast enough to avoid that.  I think radiation treatment challenged my concept of what tired is.  Tired isn't running uphill into a strong headwind.

I think I may have mistaken physical hunger for emotional hunger.  I wasn't sure about differentiating the two so fell back on past experiences.

I'm getting adequate fruit and veg and I think my iron deficiency has corrected itself.
It's Spring here but Swine flu is a bit of a bugger.  I was tempted to go for a run but perhaps that isn't such a good idea with a temperature and a chest infection.

I'm getting there.  It's a slow process but I'm grateful for the advice and support I receive here.  I think those incremental changes and short-term goals are vital.
My family are losing weight too which is great.

Thank you for helping me change my life and making this all possible.
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Hey Guys..weight Loss by dieting may be not good ..You will lose even more weight if you exercise along with eating a healthy diet. ... If you starve yourself, you will be killing your body.

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