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A doctor prescribed me a combo of Redotex and Phentermine. Is this dangerous?
A doctor prescribed me a combo of Redotex in the morning and 30mg Phentermine HCl at lunch (for weight loss). Is it dangerous?

These are the active ingredients of Redotex:
o Tri iodothyronine (Triyodotironina) 75 mcg. A hormone used to increase the metabolic rate of tissues.
o Norpseudoephedrine (Clorhidrato de D Norseudoefedrina) 50 mg. An amphetamine like drug.
o Atropine sulfate (Sulfato de Atropina) 0.36 mg. Used as a respiratory and circulatory stimulant.
o Aloin (Aloina) 16.2 mg. Laxative.
o Diazepam (Diacepam) 8 mg. A depressant (Valium).

And the Phentermine that I take later at lunch is of the brand Acxion.

Is this dangerous? Like I have the prescrition and the meds sitting around because I'm afraid to take both meds in a day. I mean like my blood pressure is fine but what if it rises too much when taking these two meds on the same day? I have not spoken to my doctor yet. He is a bariatric doctor so I presume he knows what he's doing but I'm still nervous about it.
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