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B12 Injections
Last January I decided to start seeing this RHN in my area. She gave me a full diet layout which consisted mostly of a high protein diet. I started getting B12 injections by her 3 times a week (mon/wed/fri) She would inject me in my lower stomach. When I started the diet and injections I weighed 198lbs

I stuck strongly to the diet, and the injections. I was also told to take 1 Swiss One-50 Multi vitamin, 2 Apo-k (potassium) and 1 chromium tablet each day. I did all of this and barely exercised. I started seeing a change within the first 2 weeks. I was loosing an average of 2-4 lbs a week. By the time July came around I was weighing in at
134 Lbs and I was feeling great!

I had to stop seeing the RHN because it cost too much. Meaning all injections were stopped. Now I have gained
quite a bit of the weight back and I am feeling REALLY DOWN about myself.  

About a week ago I found a way to get B12 and the needles and I am going to start injecting myself.
I have been trained by my doctor who seems to think this may help with my weight loss again.
I Can't remember how much I used to get injected with, and I wish I could .

Does anyone know how much to inject?
I am desperate and want to reduce this weight gain.

I believe it was 1cc a week ,,,,

Anyone know if this is right or wrong?

Please help!?
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