B12 shots vs. B12 vitamins
by theasiandiva, May 04, 2006
Im interested in the b12 shots but Im terrified of shots/injections. Can anyone tell me if there is a huge difference between the shots & B12 vitamins lozenges?? I looked around and saw that a lot of people were selling only 500mcg but I found someone who is selling a High potency of b12 5000MCG. I was hoping this will be strong enough to take and be equal to the shots.
Please help!
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by mikesgal, May 04, 2006
A shot is more effective then taking a pill. The shot hits your system quicker, where taking a pill doesn't hit your system the way a shot will. Hope is makes sense and helps.
by theasiandiva, May 04, 2006
Hi there. Thanks for your input. But according to the statement of this lozenges, it says you put it under your tongue and it will go directly to your system (the way its suppose to) Does anyone know how much MGS each shot has? Thanks again for all your help.
by theasiandiva, May 05, 2006
Oh here is the site where I found the B12 5000mcg http://www.jadesproductions.com I shopped there before for their colon cleanser and I purchase it every month (good stuff.) I now want to try the B12 pills but want to know if anyone else has tried them. So far no review on her site. I do notice that everyone else sells lower mcg than she does. Hers is the highest potency so far that Ive seen.
Any help will be great.
by mgtargirl, May 06, 2006
I'm not sure about the difference in the b12 shots versus the tablets excepts for the fact that you don't have to use a needle to take the tablets.  ha.  Trust me, I'm not one for needles.  My husband takes the tablets and they work excellent for him.  You put them under your tongue and it goes directly into the bloodstream.   If you want information on the kind he is using, email me at healthy4life at comcast dot net and I'll send you more information.  They have been a lifesaver.  They give him a TON of energy and are great for his moodiness too.  ha.
Have a great weekend!
by theasiandiva, May 07, 2006
HI. I think I read your post on another subject about this product- (Tri something??) But when I went to their site, it says that their b12 is only 1000mcg. And after doing research, it says that is best to take 2500mcg OR MORE when you are doing pills or lozenges because about half of the mcg might not make it into your system because one may not have enough protein to absorb it in the stomach or something like that. That is the reason shots are better. And 2500mcg equals to one shot. Anyways, I found someone that sells the 5000mcg and I also read the information on her site and read a customer review on it. This lozenge is taken under the tongue so it goes into the bloodstream fast. So, I think Im going to give hers a try. You can take a look at it HTTP://WWW.JADESPRODUCTIONS.COM
Thanks for your help
by mgtargirl, May 09, 2006
I looked into the lozenges on the link you sent.  Send me an email to healthy4life at comcast dot net and I'll let you know more.