Converting 175 or 200 IUs of HCG Mixture to syringe mls
by C-N-T, Apr 23, 2007
I just received my HCG today and I've read the mixing instructions; however, I don't want to get this wrong.

The posts say 175 to 200 IUs of HCG, but the syringes are in ml. How many MLs is equal to 175 and 200 IUs?

Thanks! I'll track my progress too.
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by edwards112, Apr 23, 2007
They are metric (ml) and US (cc) terms that mean the same thing.  One ml=one cc.

IU =  International Unit, an International means of delcaring the strenght of a drug.

Hope this helps.
by C-N-T, Apr 23, 2007
How many ml am I suppose to take?
by blondmomma, Apr 24, 2007
I went to one out of country site and do you think this is a decent price.  HCG 1 Amp = $14.90 and 10 = $140.00 .  I sone amp for only one shot or how does that work....no clue on this, but will learn.  Thanks so much!
by granny3, Apr 24, 2007
if you ordered 2500 iu's of HCG then at 200 iu strength you need to get 12 injections out of the bottle.  From there it depends on how much liquid you mix with the powder.  Measure your liquid when you inject it into the powder and divide that by 12 to get your cc's.  

I use a .5cc syringe and fill that to just below 10.
by lookinfordose, Apr 24, 2007
please help me with the dosing of hcg. i have 10000iu that is diluted with 10 ml of sterile water. what is the amount i need to inject and how many times a week.
by Toddys, Apr 25, 2007
I just ordered 5000 iu of Hcg(pregnyl) from Drugdelivery.ca yesterday and anticipate a two week arrival time.  I understand I must mix the ampules with a liquid.  What liquid? Where do I purchase? And do I need to mix all the drug at once? How long is the mixture potent? I'm assuming I refrigerate remaining injections until ready for use. Where did you receive the best advice for preparation of the mixture and injecting yourself?  I have two weeks to prepare. T