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HCG HELP! Injection #22
I had my 22nd injection today... and then I got my period.  I was only planning on doing the minimum 23 injections on Round 1 because of going away and bla bla bla..... so now I dont know what to do...I know you are not supposed to inject when you have your period but I want to get this last one in so that I can do my last 3 VLCD while on my period and then be done before I go away.  

Please help answer some of my questions bellow!

What are my options?
1.  Should I inject the last one anyway?  Why are you not supposed to?  Will something bad happen?
2.  Should I just end this phase having done 22 injections instead of 23?  Will there be any serious consequences?
3.  Are you supposed to still lose while on you menses and or while you are doing your last 3 VLCD's?
4.  When moving into phase 3 do you cound your last weight as of the date you last injected or as of the last day of your last 3 VLCD's?

Any insight would realy realy help!

My stats by the way are:
Start weight 150 - after 20 VLCD down 15 pounds.  I was hoping to reach 130 so I will be back for another round after Christmas to lose those last 5 and probably those few extra holiday pounds which I am sure to acquire!  This has been more amazing then I ever thought... for anyone considering it.... please do it!  You will not regret it!  My mom is also doing this with me and she started at 156 pounds and after 19 VLCD she has lost 14 pounds and she had to stop injecting for 4 days due to unexpected menses which came after only 4 days of injecting.  She is going through meanopause (thus the unexpected period)  Anyhow, we both felt amazing during this time... and love our new healthy eating!  We have been eating fish and chicken everyday and sometimes beef.  Good luck to all!
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