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HCG and Hair Loss
Are using the HCG Injections connected to hair loss?  I finished a 2 month round of injections in June during which time I lost 15 pounds.  However, during the past months (Sept/Oct) I noticed that I am having substantial hair loss.  

Every morning I brush out lots of hair and the texture of my hair has changed.  I have stopped shampooing every day and just water rinse my hair every other day, but the hair loss continues.

Has anyone had hair loss after going off HCG?  If so, does the body begin to adjust and new hair grow back or is the hair gone forever?  This is really a bad side effect if it is related to using HCG.  HELP does anyone have any experience or recommendation on this.

The only other factor that has changed in the past three months is that my Doctor started me on 1000 MG daily of Metformin for Type 2 Diabetes.  Could this have caused the change in hair?  Or could it be the combination?  

HELP, who wants to be slim--but bald?  I would love to hear from all of you!  Thanks.  Lucy
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