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Metformin and sleepiness
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Metformin and sleepiness

I started on Metformin June 29.  I haven't experienced any nausea but I feel tired/sleepy.  Has anyone experienced this?  I take 500 mg twice a day, breakfast and lunch.

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I started Metformin (Glucophage) last Thursday after being diagnosed with IR.  Have had to make extreme dietary changes in order to loose approximately 37 pounds.  I had been gymming hard and dieting on and off for the last 1 year.  I even got myself a personal trainer who trained me like in the military but every time i would step on the scale my weight would show as the same.  This became highly discouraging and therefore I booked an appointment with my GP for a check up.  Initially, I was 100% sure that I have an under active thyroid and that is the reason for my weight gain and not being able to loose it.  But the results showed a high level of insulin which meant that I have IR.  I am completely off sugar and on a low carb meal plan trying to eat lots of vegetables which I am not that much accustomed to eating.  The only fruits I am allowed is apples, clementines and grape fruit and oranges.

Anyway coming back to Metformin it makes me feel sluggish and tired, like I haven't got enough sleep yet I have been napping on the weekend for 2 hours and get a 8-9 hour sleep each night.  The only other thing I am experiencing besides this is constipation.

Is anyone else feeling this way?  Also, how long did it take for people who have been on Metformin to being loose weight?

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