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My hcg Update
I was on an HCG protocol.  I didn't do the gorge, and ate about 750 caories a day.  Was on the diet for about 12 weeks.  I lost 16 pounds - HOORAY for me.  Well, it has been about 12 weeks since I stoped and nearly all the weight has come back.  I am still down 5 pounds.  The diet I was on and the hcg (no diet pills) did not leave me hungry, but I just could eat that way for the rest of my life.  I know I have NOT been watching my diet as closely as I should - and willdo better going forward.  But no more hcg for me.  I do not think it worked, I think it was the low calorie diet.

Now, 12 weeks post my body looks the exact same as it did before.  The areas I lost the weight haave returned just as they were - HCG was not some fat melting miracle with long term changes.

Just posted so others starting out can have my 2 cents, fwiw.

Best of luck to all!!
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