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Need a doc
I do not have as serious a weight problem as most.  My entire family suffers from obesity and in a few cases bordering on morbid obesity.  I am the only one who seems of normal size although that began to change in the last few years.  I was tired of carrying unnecessary weight (highest was 160 at 5'6") and I was sick of dealing with problem skin.  In addition to all of this doctors say I have Narcolepsy or Hypersomnia (they fully admit they don't know which or exactly what but those titles were the closest fit).  

I know I have a sleep disorder.  It's been a problem since I was very young and got worse as I got older.  They say there's no cure for it, it's a neurological disorder, and getting enough sleep has nothing to do with the cause, however, they were quick to advise me to get more vitamin C, take more naps, and hand me a bottle of experimental drugs for it.  Read that again.  Does that make any sense at all?!?  I got more vitamin C to no noticeable effect.  I took the drugs which instantly made it worse so I gave them up pretty quickly (I hate taking pills-it seems wrong).  I told the doctor that when I took naps it made it worse but I followed his advice anyway.  I tried taking naps and I woke up severely disoriented, often with the shakes, sometimes incredibly cold.  I went home early from work many days when I could no longer function.  Sometimes I would go down and could barely get up again.  I spent a lot of time crying silently in the bathroom at work because I couldn't control it.  I was very depressed.

I changed my entire dietary lifestyle based on Dr. Perricone's research June 1, 2007.  That was a tremendous help.  I now weigh 137 lbs and my skin is much clearer. There has been no relief from my sleep disorder though. I am eating more food and more often but eating better choices and losing weight.  After reading about Dr. Simeons I realized I was still missing a piece of the puzzle.  My system has to be flushed out for my new lifestyle to have increased effectiveness and for my body to heal itself of all these issues.

I am in training for pro wrestling which to me means I need to be very on top of keeping my body as healthy as possible which means as natural as possible. I also would like to finally get down to an appropriate weight for my frame without doing damage to my body, clear up my skin for good, and get rid of this damned sleep disorder!

The idea of taking injections regularly bothers me but if I can reset my system and start fresh putting in clean food and water and being more aware of organic alternatives then I'll do it.  The chance at a healthy and aesthetically pleasing figure as well as a normal sleep life would be well worth it. I think that if my family sees me go through this and come out healthier that some of them with more serious problems may be motivated to finally do something.

I need to find a doctor near me who administers the Simeons Weight Loss Cure Protocol.  I don't care if the hcg is injection or oral.  I want to ask a lot of questions, find out about costs, and start saving money for both treatment and to put the appropriate water, food, and teas in my house.  Much like with Perricone I want to take some time to set myself up to succeed.

Can you help?  I hail from the area of California known as Silicon Valley.
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