Nopalina vs Pinalinaza
by jan10229, Jul 16, 2007
Does any body know the difference between Nopalina Plus and Piñalinaza. I don’t have any problem with constipation and for what I’ve read Nopalina is very good for it. My main concern is to lose weight and get my cholesterol back in track
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by nhp2000, Sep 10, 2008
Piñalinaza would be the best option for weight loss. Piñalinaza contains the same ingridients as nopalinaza in addition to Pineapple, Oranges, and Grapefruit. The natural enzymes found in the pineapple are a great help to our bodie in the digestion of fats. As you mentioned the formula of Nopalinaza is concentrated more on the constipation problem as well as in the reduction of cholesterol. It also lowers the sugar levels in the Blood. I hope this information helsp you or anybody else needing information about this ptroducts. They are a great natural alternative.