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Oral Hcg

The oral hcg releana is now being offered in several states, and you can get this information by going on to the web site, and clicking on find a physican in your area.
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There is no such thing as oral hCG.  The product is too fagile to be marketed that way.
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NaturalCuresStore is not KT's store and the Orathin pills are not an oral version of hCG. It is an "alternative". OraThin does not have ANY of the hormone that is vital to the Dr. Simeon's protocol. It is a WAY TOO expensive bottle of L-Carnitine (the bottle shows the latin name) and another bottle of appetite supressant and temporary metabolism boosters; with chromium picolinate, bromelain, etc. It is just another diet that will teach our bodies to store fat, just like every other diet on the market that the book tells us doesn't work in the long run. People are losing weight with it because they're only eating 500 calories a day. It seems to me that Naturalcuresstore named themselves after KT's book, and added "hcg-alt" to their product name just so they could market to people seeking an alternative to shots. They say on their website that they agree with the FDA that the hCG hormone shots are harmful. I'm sorry I got it and wish I had read more carefully at first. They conveniently don't have a return policy. (Everyone else will take back unused portions!) They knew we'd figure it out.
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To all non-believers go to the releana web site, and it is the real deal.
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Are you doing the Relean program?   How is it working?
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I was watching KT's informercial and it seems to good to be true. I work with a company that has an all natural weight loss patch that actually works. We are the ONLY company worldwide that has a transdermal patch for fat loss. It creates lipolysis(breadown of fat cells), is all natural and works without diet and exercise; although, I recommend a healthy diet and muscle saving work outs.  Muscle mass is lost as we get older and that slows down our metabolism. 1 pound of muscle burns an extra 50 calories an hour. Why do you think body builders can eat all they want? Because it is burned off immediately. Realistically most of us can not do the body building thing, so where does that leave us.  Suffering from adrenal fatique and insulin resistance.  Sleepy during the day, unable to sleep the night through, stubborn belly, thigh and butt fat! ARGGG!!!!!!  Type 2 or 1 diabetes and hypoglycemic and also heart troubles, anxiety and stress increases.
This patch takes care of all these issues. I started the patch not to lose weight but to lower my blood pressure.  I did some reading and found that the natural ingredients promoted lower blood pressure. I went for 150/98 to 113/73 in one month. It saved my life.  I now wear it everyday to promote my healthy energy and lifestyle.  I am working out and find that my body is reforming, slowly but surely.  Understand that it is not a miracle patch..you will not lose 30 pounds in a week, but hey!..you didn't put 30 pounds on it one week either. It took time. Now you want it off NOW! Not going to happen.  You can lose it but you must give it time.  My mother is 64 and has tried every diet in the world. I convinced her to try the patch and she has lost 20 pounds since June 1st AND her doctor told her if she lost 10 more pounds that she will take her off of her thyroid and blood pressure meds. WOO HOO!!!! You can talk to her too!  I want everyone to know about this and I will do anything to get it to you.  

If you want to know more, please call me at 515.570.7984 or 515.598.4360.  I sell it and you can see for yourself what a person would pay....one month is $125 s/h included, or a preferred plan of $79 for 3 months.  Please call me and I will tell you everything. YOu have nothing to lose.

Here is my personal site so you know that you are talking to a Christian, God fearing woman who would not steer you the wrong way. When you want I will direct you on how to get it. www.GodsTool.Com

Here are some tidbits on adrenal fatigue:

Your Hormones and Weight Gain

·      You are tired even after 8 hr of sleep

·      You crave salty stuff

·      You have no energy

·      You feel like struggling to do menial tasks

·      You have a low libido

·      You can’t handle stress (bonkers) (angry or anxious)

·      You need more time to recover from trauma, illness, or grief

·      You get light-headed when standing quickly

·      You feel low or mildly depressed

·      You get raging PMS

·      Thinking is fuzzy

·      Memory is a problem

·      You wish you could take a nap in the afternoons

·      You start to feel somewhat awake after evening dinner

·      You have no energy to exercise; even walking up a few stairs is exhausting

·      You have insomnia – 1st you fall asleep, but then you wake up several hours later and can’t go back to sleep

·      You feel like you’re pushing yourself through the day

·      You have chronic respiratory problems – allergies or asthma

·      You probably have low blood pressure

·      You like coffee because of its kick and boost

·      You have extreme hot flashes or night sweats or PMS

·      You feel like you have cotton in your head

Helps: Light exercise, avoid all caffeinated beverages, use sea salt, eat black and green olives, eat your fruit with protein.

Cortisol is the hallmark of stress. Stress pumps too much of the stuff. Elevated cortisol (the stress hormone) leads to:

·      Weight gain

·      Abdominal fat cell enlargement

·      Increased cravings for sugar and carbohydrates

·      Increases in cholesterol and triglycerides

·      Afternoon fatigue

·      Desire to eat at night

·      Because of lower serotonin levels, food cravings are up

·      Memory problems and faster brain aging (the part of the brain called the hippocampus actually shrinks)

·      Much more inflammation possibility because of increases in interleukin-6 and interleukin-1

·      Unbalanced immune function

·      Increases estrogen in fat cells (both men and women)

·      Sleep problems progress as melatonin levels diminish

·      Low sex drive

The adrenals are intricately linked to the thyroid gland, and disruption in one gland automatically puts pressure on the other.

Reclining/Standing Blood Pressure: Measure BP while lying down. Then come to a standing position an measure BP. The normal response will be 10mg/hg higher in the standing than the lying. The body knows how to compensate for getting up. But if the adrenals are flat, the reading will be lower (drops) by 5mg/hg or more when going from the lying position to the up position.

Good nutrition plays a big factor in getting back to normal; but so does balancing your workload, rest, family time, physical and spiritual exercise, and personal playtime.

In order to be successful in losing weight, you must balance the adrenals.

Remember: Low thyroid function and exhausted adrenals promote midsection fat gain.

Common Causes of Adrenal Stress:

Anger/Fear/Worry/Anxiety/Depression/Guilt/Overwork/Physical or mental strain/Excessive exercise/Sleep deprivation/Going to sleep late/Surgery/Trauma/Injury/Chronic inflammation/Chronic infection/Chronic pain/Toxic exposures/Malabsorption/Maldigestion/ Chronic illness/Chronic-severe allergies/Hypoglycemia/Nutritional decificiencies/Dislike job/Lonely/Too much work/Too demanding boss/Keep going even when exhausted/Sugar eater/University student/Single mom/Don’t eat regularly

I hope this helps you to pin point some weight issues. IT is so easy once you figure things out.  And stress in this world...who doesn't have it?  Please call me.
My name is Rebecca Foster and my numbers are 515.570.7984 or 515.598.4360
Many Blessings.
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