for those ordering online (not nhw)
by lbminchew, May 17, 2007
Can you please tell me which pharmacy you used to order from?  I keep reading negative comments on the yahoo website about some of the ones I had throught about using.  I really want to find one that ships quickly.
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by kraftygirl, May 17, 2007
HI, I ordered from anbolic-pharma on april 12 I have not recieved my order.  They keep telling me to wait.  Their is also a few others on yahoo who have not recieved theirs and their are some that have.  Use your own judgement.  It is up in the air right now about drugdelivery.ca  I placed my order on may 12....but now some are saying to the end of this week.  You may want to call them and find out.  They seem to be the only one 100percent money back garantee.  I have not started the protocal as I have been waiting well over a month for product and now waiting for my order from drug delivery.  If you find other reputable sources I would love to know also.
by tni_grl, May 18, 2007
I ordered my hcg from anabolic-pharma.com...Placed the order on May 06, shipped May 07 and received it in the mail today...HCG Pregnyl by Organon. Its really a personal choice to make..Best of luck to you
by bka316, May 21, 2007
I ordered mine from alinshop.org
by kmagoo, Jun 06, 2007
I buy reductil and acomplia from the online pharmacy www.drugsbrokerdirect.com.  You just fill out a simple questionaire and an MD reviews it and a registered pharmacist fills the prescription. Orders come by registered post so delivery is guaranteed worldwide.  I've never had a problem with them.  

Hope that helps!
by sharongreen, Jun 29, 2007
you can buy your hcg online at www.hcgweight.com. you will receive a complete treatment for 23 days, with everything needed already included: needles, instructions and a diet.
by Satriana, Jun 29, 2007
do you have to order online? I have an appt wtih my doctor to talk to her about this more. I am hoping she will help me out here. I want to know more about this.
by michelle a, Jul 06, 2007
Are you using injections?
How has it gone for you, would love to contact you via e mail , mine is ***@****
I find when ever I post anything here, it is so hard to find any answers that anyone posted back.

I want to order hcg from an online pharmacy, but have some questions, as far as converting the dosages etc...
by michelle a, Jul 06, 2007
spent the last few hours searching online pharmacy prices, which is way way less expensive then going through a diet clinic, BUT.....is there any drawbacks to it , I mean if you know the dosage you need, is there any other concerns???

by Satriana, Jul 07, 2007
I think the concern would be to make sure your heart, liver and other vitals are OK before injecting ANYTHING into your body. =(

please be safe guys and gals, i mean I know we all want to be skinnyminny but at what risk? I for one certainly dont want to JUST look good in the grave, I want to look good when I am traveling Europe and laying on the beach n Rio naked. LOL
ok, so its a dream thing, but hey...thats my goal!! lmao =p

if you cant get the drugs nearby, atleast see the doc for bloodwork first and make sure you are ok and all. I read on the other forum about a woman who wanted to do the hcg, and went to the clinic to find out it was actually her thyroid that was bad. So she isnt taking hcg but got thyroid meds instea and she is losing weight very well. so thats just a example of "you never know" thing,You know?

Be safe =)))